Larry Fitzgerald Explains What Kevin Kolb Did On 23-yard Throw

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 09: Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald #11 of the Arizona Cardinals runs with the football after a reception against linebacker K.J. Wright #50 and linebacker Leroy Hill #56 of the Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter of the season opener at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 9, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona. The Carindals defeated the Seahawks 20-16. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

When Kevin Kolb came into the game in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, the fortunes for the Arizona Cardinals changed in a hurry. The offense went to the no-huddle after John Skelton was injured and the team responded. Fortunately for Kolb, he was put in a situation in which he is very comfortable.

Larry Fitzgerald commended Kolb for his play, especially since he did not really get any reps in practice during the week. He also explained what Kolb does well within the offense.

This is what Fitz said after the game on Sunday:

"Kevin does a really good job of the uptempo offense. Where I think he really excels is that he has a good understand of the coverages and where his hots and sights are. Like the slant I caught today, it was a ‘go'. We were trying to run with it. Earl Thomas hit us on a safety blitz and we adjusted off of it and we were able to get it going. Kevin saw it. He didn't throw it in the first window because the linebacker was there actually. He hit me in the second window. He had a really good feel for what was going on."

This is the play:

You can see presnap that Thomas is communicating something to the corner.


As Fitz said, at this point, he is going to try and get behind the defense down the sideline. But then Thomas blitzes.


A split-second later, you see the adjustment by Fitz and his communication with Kolb. You can see Fitz is changing his route and Kolb see him doing it.


Fitz has moved to the inside and is now slanting. The corner is outside and a linebacker inside. Kolb does the right thing and does not try to fit the ball inside the first window. He waits and shows great anticipation, getting the ball just out of the reach of the linebacker.


It was just a great play. Fitz recognized the need to change his route and run to the part of the field that Thomas had vacated. Kolb saw it and understood that same thing, but then was even smart enough to recognize the linebacker there and wait a half-second longer to lead Fitz a little more and keep the ball from getting knocked down or picked off.

It is this type of play that reminds you of why the team went after him. That was a big-time throw and read.

While it doesn't fix the fact that he was outplayed by Skelton in the preseason, you have to like what you see because if he gets rolling, he is the type of quarterback to get the offense a big jumpstart.

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