ROTB Roundtable: Key factor, Biggest Disappointed, and Replacement Ref's

Although the Cardinals have finished Week 1 of the 2012 NFL Season, they still have many questions surrounding the team.

Read the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of those questions, and don't forget the answers yourself in the comments below!

1) Who/what will be a key factor in the Cardinals beating the Patriots?

Alex Mann: Eliminating Gronk and Hernandez. Two of the most dangerous pass catching TE's in the league. By eliminating Brady's security blanket, that means Brady must hold onto the ball a little longer, get pressured up the middle which should lead to a few turnovers by the great QB.

Randy Fields: The Defense continuing it's progression and growth and stepping up the challenge of stopping Tom Brady and all of the weapons at his disposal. Followed by Kevin Kolb playing the way he did in the 4th quarter throughout the full game. There's no room for back peddling in Foxborough.

Jesse Reynolds: The run game and the offensive line. They have to do a better job this week and keep Tom Brady and the offense off the field.

Cdeveau: I have to go with Kolb. The offense runs through him. A clicking offense keeps the defense off the field and fresh. A clicking offense puts points on the board. Kolb is going to have to play light out to get the offense clicking, especially with the lack of run game the Cards displayed week 1.

Tyler Nickel: It's all going to depend on how much the defense can limit Tom Brady and the lethal passing attack of the Patriots. I think whoever is on Gronkowski and Hernandez will not only have their hands full, but will be the biggest keys in stopping the Pats.

Jess Root: Handling the tight ends. That is going to be a tall task with our defensive personnel.

2) Who were you most disappointed with in Week 1?

Alex Mann: On our team? Has to be Mike Miller. He showed glimpses of good play calling at the beginning, but as the offense struggled so did he. Also disappointed in our RB's. Wells struggled as did Williams. Now maybe it's the rust but they could have gotten more yardage.

Randy Fields: Williams and Wells. I just wanted the running game to be a feature and had the hopes that they would burst on the scene similar to DeAngelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart a few years ago in Carolina. They have the potential, we just haven't seen it at this point.

Jesse Reynolds: Besides his big hit on Lynch, Sam Acho was silent last week showing up on the stat sheet with just one tackle. The defense is going to need him to generate pressure this game.

Cdeveau: Can I choose two? Mike Miller and the run game. I've said it elsewhere, Miller doesn't have the chops to successfully orchestrate a fresh look, dominant offense. The run game plays partially into this, but also encompasses the backs and the Oline, both of which contributed to something seen in movies where the subject matter are teams that are lovable losers.

Tyler Nickel: I was disappointed with Beanie Wells in week 1. I know that he had some hamstring issues, but when isn't the guy injured? He couldn't punch in the ball on goal line situations, allowing the petite LaRod Stephens-Howling to do that instead.

Jess Root: The running game in general. I know Seattle is very good, but the inability to run the ball was part of the reason why the offense went stagnant in the third quarter.

3) How happy are you with the current replacement referees?

Alex Mann: Am I happy? Are you happy with them? I think the NFL is ruining the sport for us because they don't want to move on this issue. Meet the refs in the middle. Sure it may be expensive but what's more important to them... Paying a lot now and leave with some dignity or paying lesser later and leaving with no shed of respect from the Fans and Players?

Randy Fields: The replacement refs are doing a C+ job. There have been so many mistakes and they nearly cost our Cardinals their first win due to their ridiculous 4th time out they gave the Seahawks on the game deciding drive. Pete Carroll was quick to run on the field when the Cardinals called back to back timeouts, I wanted to see Whiz run down and yell at them for allowing the fourth time out. We need to get the professionals back as soon as possible to protect the players and the integrity of the game.

Jesse Reynolds: Trick question? They are terrible.

Cdeveau: Overjoyed, because clowns make me happy, and these guys are straight from a big top circus.

Tyler Nickel: Not happy at all. They make too many mistakes and I am not sure they even know the rules completely. Pay the regulars please, NFL.

Jess Root: I can't really get mad at the replacement refs. If they were to end up doing the job longer-term, guess what? A lot of the errors would go away -- getting the reps helps. I am upset with the league and the union that represents the officials because they all have been the reason why things have gotten to this point.

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