Cardinals Vs. Patriots: 5 Negatives From The 20-18 Upset Victory

Sep 16, 2012; Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA; Arizona Cardinals tight end Todd Heap (86) is tackled by New England Patriots middle linebacker Brandon Spikes (55) during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

What. A. Game.

If you watched the Cardinals' surprising victory on Sunday over the New England Patriots, then you are likely reading this from your laptop in a hospital bed after having a minor heart attack. The Cardiac Cards did it again, waiting until the last possible minute and giving the Patriots ever chance to win before pulling out the victory for themselves.

Still, not everything from this game was sugar plums and lemon drops. See my five negatives from the game after the jump.

Get Fitz The Ball!:

When the Cardinals don't get Larry Fitzgerald the ball, they typically lose. When they get him the ball just one time in a game, he must have been injured. Neither was the case, but Fitz, the best receiver on the team, caught just one pass on five targets from Kevin Kolb. Here is some great info about that stat from Kent Somers:

That about says it all.


Ryan Williams and Kevin Kolb both had crucial fumbles on Sunday that could have easily lost the Cards this game. Williams', in particular, came in the fourth quarter and in Cardinals territory. If it weren't for a botched field goal from Stephen Gostkowski, Arizona would have lost the game. Ball security is the problem that has always plagued this team and it is something they will need to take care of.

Lost Challenges:

Ken Whisenhunt made a couple of errors on Sunday, both in the form of bad challenge flags. The first came on a catch made by Brandon Lloyd. Since New England was in a hurry up offense, he had to throw the red flag without having his staff review it upstairs. It was a gut call and he lost. On the second challenge, it was not obvious that Larry Fitzgerald dropped the ball, but after further review, it could be seen that it touched the ground. Those challenges lost two big timeouts in the second half, which could have really hurt the team.

D'Anthony Batiste vs. Chandler Jones:

Rarely do you see a rookie absolutely manhandle a veteran, but such was the case with Jones and Batiste. The Cardinals' left tackle situation has been shaky since Levi Brown's injury (and even before it, frankly) and that was magnified even more against the Pats. Chandler Jones was just too fast and too crafty for Batiste and he made him look foolish. Kolb was on the run to his right seemingly all day.


O'Brien Schofield was out for much of the game and played a limited amount of snaps after coming up a little gimp in the first half. It didn't keep him out, but it did hamper him a bit. He was pretty much invisible throughout the game, not showing up on the stat sheet. Quentin Groves, his replacement, looked great.

The major injury came to Todd Heap. Kolb's favorite target strained his left knee in the second half, forcing Rob Housler to take his place. We will have to wait and see the extent of his wound.

What do you think? What were some of your negatives? Tell us in the comments section.

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