Are People Really this Stupid.....

Some Quotes from the Web about our big win:

dajakaty62 You couldn't beat one of the laughing stocks of the league! Take it like a man, not like a Brady!

Wow I dont think we have been "the laughing stock" for some time now nice to see you talking trash with neither teams interests in mind though. must be a Jets fan.

chump dont want no help chump dont get no help I know the Pats did everything to lose this game and BB honestly coached like he was on the take, BUT watch the missed fg and keep your eye on the kicker and he gets run over by the Cardinal player and it should have been a penalty and these scrub refs missed it like the hold on Gronk that nulified the Woodhead TD

You know to me this name is very ironic, dont ya think?

TheGronkandBradyShow4 This win has no negative affect on the Pats and it means everything for the Cards

Im happy for Arizona, you just won your SB.

Paul Pierce_Footwork_Is_Crazy_Truu Patriots-still contender
Cardinals-think they just won the SB

I post facts.

See you in New Orleans jack ass... then we will win our Super Bowl. Oh and The facts are the cardinals just beat the living crap out of your team.....

NHLoves-the-redsox Refs decided this game. The Patriots scored a TD before the FG miss. It was called back on a total PHANTOM holding call.

one and three in the red zone, Cardinals took their chances and scored Touchdowns.... New England didnt, this is why the Cards Won...

snydejake I haven't seen a single pats fan on here bashing anybody. All I see is people bashing them for no reason because they lost some meaningless game in week 2.

Please see above..... I see them bashing, the cardinals, the refs, the nfl schedule makers (don't know why). Oh and if you miss out on the playoffs by one game it wont be that meaningless.

That east coast bais is really going away, i can feel it. oh by the way NFC West 4-0 beating Washington, Dallas, New England, and Detroit. I want to see all the teams in the NFC West Kick ass....

Fun Fact: Can you guess what is the only division to have two teams at 2-0 in the NFL?

Fun Fact #2: Can you guess which division is tied for the most Superbowl appearances sence 2000?

Fun Fact #3: Both answers are the NFC West..... Eat it East Coast bias.

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