ROTB Roundtable: Biggest Factor, More Playing Time, and Cause for Concern

After the first two weeks of the 2012 NFL season, the Cardinals are still officially undefeated! But that definitely does not mean the team has no questions circulating around them.

Hit the jump for the ROTB Writing Staff answer's to three of these questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) This week, the Cardinals take on the Philadelphia Eagles at home. Who or what will be the biggest factor in a potential Week 3 win?

Jesse Reynolds: The run game. The Eagles are being overlooked by a lot of Cardinals fans right now. Digest this, despite 8 turnovers the Eagles have generated the most yards offensively. That's impressive. The Eagles defense has been playing very well and is one of the best against the pass. Cardinals have to be able to run the ball if we are going to win this game.

Tyler Nickel: Once again, I'll say it comes down to Kevin Kolb and how well he can move the offense. They will need to put points on the board and against two top flight cornerbacks.

Alex Mann: The Offense. Defense will manage to keep us in the game, but our Offense will need to manage the game and limit mistakes.

Cdeveau: I still think the offense, and Kevin Kolb. Ball security and game management are what is needed of Kolb, with the defense he has backing him up.

Jess Root: Turnovers. Teams that lose the turnover battle do not win much. Win it and you are in good shape usually. In Week 1, Vick throws four picks and the team wins...why? Weeden threw four picks as well.

2) Who would you like to receive more playing time in Week 3?

Jesse Reynolds: Quentin Groves. I was expecting big things out of O'Brien Schofield bit so far it has been Groves who has been making plays.

Tyler Nickel: Whether Todd Heap is a scratch or not, I'd like to see Rob Housler get some more burn. He creates mismatches which the Cardinals can really take advantage of. Thus far, they have failed to do so.

Alex Mann: Quentin Groves. He's turned his career around it seems and with Schofield facing injury issues early on this season he needs to get some playing time to see if he's worth keeping past the 2012 season.

Cdeveau: Quentin Groves is one, Stewart Bradley is another. Bradley is overpaid as a backup...

Jess Root: Kurt Warner? He sure hasn't gotten much PT recently. I know, not funny. I would say more Groves, but I think much of the reason why he doesn't get more snaps on defense is because he still has a lot to learn about coverage assignments. He is showing that he can get pressure, but the team still clearly feels that Schofield is the better option overall. I am also curious about Reggie Walker and Stewart Bradley. Neither got a defensive snap, after Walker got a lot in nickel packages against Seattle.

3) Although the Cardinals won, WR Larry Fitzgerald received very little action. Is this a cause for concern?

Jesse Reynolds: Larry played a great decoy last game and opened up the field for the other WRs. Kolb just didn't take advantage of the coverages. This game he needs to and force teams into better coverages for Larry.

Tyler Nickel: Actually, it's a cause for celebration. Think of how much better they will be once their best receiver starts getting the ball.

Alex Mann: No. He had the Patriots all over him, and Kolb still has yet to find Fitz when he's open. The Refs also missed Fitzgerald's catch late in the game.

Cdeveau: It was one game, and the Patriots concentrated on taking him away. Good teams find ways to win the chess matches. The Cards won. No worries there. If this continues through the other 14 games, it will become an issue.

Jess Root: Not yet, especially since the team is winning. If the team is winning, even he isn't concerned.

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