2012 NFL Picks Against The Spread: Bet On Saints As Rebound Lock

Week 3 is under way in the NFL and there are some surprises -- the Cardinals are 2-0 and the Saints are 0-2, for example. We have seen the the defending champs look embarrassing and like juggernauts. But now we take a look at the betting lines that Vegas has set and make our picks

Hit the jump for our winners against the spread.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys (-8): Tampa Bay was exposed by Eli Manning and the Giants in the air. Dallas was stymied a week ago by the Seattle Seahawks. Tony Romo is going to love playing this game. Expect a continuation of what the Giants did to Tampa. Pick: Cowboys, -8.

San Francisco 49ers (-7.5) at Minnesota Vikings: This is a game where the Vikings just hope to have a few things go their way. They have had close games already this season, but San Fran looks like the best team in football. If they don't win by more than a touchdown, it will be a disappointment. Pick: Niners , -7.5.

Detroit Lions (-4) at Tennessee Titans: San Diego torched the Titans. The Lions are starting to get in a groove offensively after sneaking away in Week 1 with a win over the supposedly woeful Rams. Take the road favorites. Pick: Lions, -4.

Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins (-3): Were it not for a very, very stupid Josh Morgan penalty, Washington could be sitting at 2-0 with rookie Robert Griffin, III at the helm leading the offense. RG3 is going to keep up the play. Pick: Skins, -3.

New York Jets (-3) at Miami Dolphins: Miami is not expected to be good, but they can run the ball and can defend some. That means close games. The Jets looked great one week and bad the next. This is a toss-up and honestly a game you shouldn't bet on because of the emotions in the rivalry. But if I must -- pick: Miami, +3.

Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints (-9): KC looks like a joke and The Saints are wondering what is wrong. This is the bounceback week at home. Pick: Saints, -9.

Buffalo Bills (-3) at Cleveland Browns: If this were a larger line, the pick would be easy. Cleveland won't get blown out much this year. However, three points? That's not quite enough. Pick: Bills, -3.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-3): Another very hard game to pick. But if I have to pick one, since it is at the RCA Dome, expect a solid game by rookie Andrew Luck. Pick: Colts, -3.

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