So in my constant and obsessive NFL internet searching I came across something very interesting. A list of the top 10 most overpaid players. Jump to see/hear/debate this list.

Here is the link.

1. David Harris- Jets

I disagree with him being number 1 on the list. Rex needed him to help install his defense in NY. Because of that reason it helps to justify the big paycheck.

2. Karlos Dansby- Dolphins

Should be number one on the list. As soon as he wanted to "make a splash in FA" I was worried that we would be the suckers who overpaid him. He did make a splash in free agency, similar to the splash a big rock would make. And like that big rock in water, he is sinking. on a side note, love that we extended Dwash (favorite Card).

3. Jonathan Joseph- Texans

Disagree with this spot as well. He is the #1 corner on one of, if not the best defense in the league. I do not know how they are measuring this list, but I hope it is not based on stats. great corners usually put up crap number because QB's aviod them and there guy is rarely open.

4. Mercedes Lewis- Jags

Do not know much about the jags. A mediocre TE getting paid like a top TE.

5. Santonio Holmes- Jets

Agree with this. Santonio got paid because of the SB catch. a solid #2 WR, not worthy of the money

6.Darren McFadden- Raiders

He is on the list because of his rookie contract and he cannot stay healthy

7. Veron Davis- 9ers

Heheheheee. Loved Davis out of College. He is a total beast. surprised to see him on the list. Has not been the all world TE that everyone expected.

8. Sidney Rice- she hawks

Should be on the list. One good contract year that he cashed in on. not an elite player, in fact not even close.

9. Antonio Cromartie- jets

He needs to be on the list to pay for all those kids. He is like DRC. Gifted but poor mental focus, tackling and takes to many risks

10. DeAngelo Williams- just signed a big contract and has been hurt. I do not understand why the panthers cannot run the ball. 3 really good backs and the best rushing QB in the NFL.

Hate to say it but Kolb should be on the list... actually I do not really hate to say it. he should.

In your opinion who is missing from the list...

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