Arizona Cardinals Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Bonehead Play Of The Game

Interestingly enough, I've written about the play of the game from the Arizona Cardinals victory, it can be be found here. Now I get to write about the bonehead play from the victory. Yes, even with the 27 - 6 drubbing the Cardinals bestowed upon the Philadelphia Eagles, there were some bad decisions on the field.

Hit the jump to see which plays made the list for Bonehead play of the game.

Really? No really? I thought that a few times during yesterday's game as I watched a flag fly or a play get blown up. I've compiled the contenders below for judgement.

First up, whoever decided to run the PatCat offense on second and six from the Eagles 17 yard line. Really? The offense was moving the ball, Kevin Kolb doing good things. And then this call, which the Eagles keyed up on and stuffed Patrick Peterson for a four yard loss, courtesy of Nnamdi Asomugha.

The very next play the mojo was gone. Kolb comes back in and the offensive protection goes downhill. Kolb gets sacked by Trent Cole and Jason Babin for a loss of 8 yards.

A delay of game penalty? Really? Those are drive killers, and that's what this one helped to do, three and out, c'est la vie.

Flags they fly, and this one flew for Anthony Sherman, unsportsmanlike conduct. 15 yards...Really? Drive killer.

On the very next play we get another flag display, this one on D'Anthony Batiste for holding. 10 more yards. Really? Guess what, that's the sound of a punt I hear.

Andre Roberts was a man possessed to get those YACs, (Yards after catch) His reception from Kolb that he turned into a scamper all the way down to the Eagle's three was a thing of beauty. What's that, a flag? On Larry Fitzgerald, illegal block. 10 yards. D'oh! Bring that ball all the way back to the Arizona 35 yard line.

So which of these really moments from yesterday's win over the eagles takes my vote for Bonehead play of the game award? In weighing these out, I have to come to the only conclusion. Anthony Sherman's 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct cost the team a first down and momentum, occurring after the play was done, by pushing and shoving.

On a side note, did anyone see Michael Floyd block Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie into the air like DRC was a rag-doll? Even better, DRC's bonehead moment when he came back and pciked up 15 yards for unnecessary roughness by shoving Floyd back. Priceless!

What do you think the bonehead play of the game was? Let the world know in the poll below.

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