Arizona Cardinals Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Moderator Game Ball

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Which Cardinals player was awarded the moderator game ball from their third week victory over the Eagles?

Alex Mann wrote up a nice little player of the week poll from Arizona's victory over the Eagles, and it can be found here. Taking that a step further, I wanted to see which player the ROTB moderators felt deserved the game ball for their play on the field.

Here are the moderators' takes on game ball recipient.

Jess Root breaks down his decision this way, "While Rhodes would be a great choice, I'm giving a game ball to Daryl Washington. He had two sacks and really was the guy to set the tone, hitting Michael Vick on their second play from scrimmage. He had less tackles than in previous weeks -- "only" six, but was everywhere, playing in coverage and rushing Vick. He also threw the key block that got James Sanders to the end zone, sprinting up the field from many yards behind to do it."

Tyler Nickel was akin to Jess with his mindset, "My player of the game is Kerry Rhodes for the sack/forced fumble, the stop on the 1 yard line and for taking A-Dub's place with all the big hits. Big game from Rhodes who I believe was the key player on the D."

Randy Fields covered the broad spectrum with his analysis, "This week it's really tough to pick only one player. Rhodes stepped up and had his best game as a Cardinal but Daryl Washington set the tone and kept the energy flowing for the Defense. His run down the sidelines to make the block showed the "play hard until the whistle blows" mindset that has been installed in this defense. Rhodes kept the Eagles from getting points and caused the turnover that lead to the amazing run back, but Washington sprinted to the front of the convoy from a trailing position."

Randy then mentioned that Kevin Kolb needed to be part of the discussion as well, "I feel that we need to toss Kevin Kolb's name somewhere into this discussion as well. He threw for 17 for 24, 222 yards, 70.8% CMP, 2 TDs, and zero turnovers for a 127.4 QB rating to follow last weeks 82.3 QBR. This is the kind of QB play we had hoped for from Kolb last year, and we're getting it now a year later and behind a statistically less proven offensive line and without a real running game to keep a balanced game plan to keep defenses honest. I like what I'm seeing and he deserves some recognition for his sudden renaissance. One more game and I'll be a true believer."

But in the end, there can be only one, and Randy's overall choice is, "This one was hard to select, but I have to say D-Wash. And it was on his featured collectible cup day, come on, that has to count for something."

Jesse Reynolds feels that the game ball should go to, "Kerry Rhodes. If the tackle on the one yard line wasn't enough he comes up with a huge hit on Vick that led to a fumble. Rhodes has been outstanding this year."

GreaZzy started off by mentioning four players, and then breaking it down from there, his thoughts are, "Four players immediately come to mind when I think of gameballs for this week: Sam Acho, Kerry Rhodes, Larry Fitzgerald, and Calais Campbell. All four men had outstanding games against the Eagles and we're huge reasons for a Cardinal victory. But in the end, I have to change my vote from Kerry to Sam Acho. Acho is a great combination of athletic ability, instinctual reactions, and cerebral knowledge that has made him become one of the top 15 OLBs in the NFL already in his young career. He was a stud in every facet of defense, and has become the perfect 3-4 OLB in Horton's scheme."

And as for myself, I think that this week there is only one choice. "Kerry Rhodes. A sack and forced fumble after a nasty hit on Michael Vick. He blew up Brent Celek. Denied DeSean Jackon at the 1 yard line. He stepped up and made game changing plays, earning my vote as player of the week."

Tune in next week for the next round, after the Cardinals take on the visiting Miami Dolphins.

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