2012 NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Cardinals Climb Into Top 5

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Week four power rankings for the 2012 NFL season. Where does your team stack up?

The Cardinals are on a roll, one of three undefeated teams left in the 2012 season. See where the #Birdgang and the other teams ended up in the power rankings heading into the fourth week of the season.

1) Atlanta Falcons: 3 - 0. Matt Ryan is playing great football, and with all the weapons surrounding him, the Falcons have no issue moving the ball. And the defensive product they are putting on the field has been ball hawkish and dangerous.

2) Houston Texans: 3 - 0. Another scary defense couples with Matt Schaub and a prolific offense. They went on the road and handled a Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos team last week.

3) New York Giants: 2 - 1. Injuries to receivers and running backs? No problem. Eli Manning is an enabler, and that helped the Giants put a beating on the Carolina Panthers last week. The defending showed the world why they won rings last year.

4) Arizona Cardinals: 3 - 0. Kevin Kolb is managing the game and the defense is introducing QBs to turf at a frantic rate.

5) Baltimore Ravens: 2 - 1. Still a dynamic defense. Ray Rice is dangerous on the ground and Joe Flacco and the air assault got a jump start last week.

6) San Francisco 49ers: 2 - 1. The lost in a road game back east. But don't sleep on the 49ers, they're still very real.

7) Cincinnati Bengals: 2 - 1. Explosive. That's the offense that Andy Dalton and the Bengals employ.

8) Green Bay Packers: 1 - 2. Yes, they are 1 - 2. I'm not taking anything away from the Seahawks, but the call will be infamous.

9) Seattle Seahawks: 2 - 1. The third of three NFC West teams in the top 10. The defense worked over the Packers last night.

10) Chicago Bears: 2 - 1. As Jay Cutler goes, so do the Bears. Scary isn't it?

11) Dallas Cowboys: 2 - 1. They pulled off a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home, but does anyone that watched believe the Cowboys aren't struggling?

12) Buffalo Bills: 2 - 1. Just keep running the ball. The injury to C. J. Spiller makes that a but tough though. Time to see how the Bills investment in Ryan Fitzpatrick has paid off.

13) Philadelphia Eagles: 2 - 1. Michael Vick must think he's Santa Claus, with the 12 turnovers on the season. You can't win games by doing that, as the Eagles found out Sunday versus the Cardinals.

14) Pittsburgh Steelers: 1 - 2. Injuries and penalties. That's what's holding the Steelers back currently.

15) New England Patriots: 1 - 2. Is the era of the Patriots drawing to a close? A 1 - 2 start against other contenders may point to that conclusion.

16) Minnesota Vikings: 2 - 1. They stunned the big bad 49ers and made the vaunted 49ers defense look slow and inept. That's got to be a nice pick me up for the Vikings.

17) San Diego Chargers: 2 - 1. Undefeated until they ran into the buzz saw that is the Atlanta Falcons defense. The Chargers were outplayed in every facet of that game. Time to regroup.

18) New York Jets: 2 - 1. Sure the jets beat the Dolphins, but I wouldn't call in winning, and nor would Charlie Sheen. To top that off, they lose Darrelle Revis for the year.

19) Denver Broncos: 1 - 2. Now Peyton Manning must know what it feels like. The Texans repaid Manning for all those years of division dominance. Don;t you wish you'd inked with the Cards now Peyton?

20) Kansas City Chiefs: 1 - 2. Look no further than the front office for the core of the dysfunction. It has trickled down to the team. The only bright spot is that Jamaal Charles is running at a frantic pace.

21) Detroit Lions: 1 - 2. The Lions, all the talent in the world, but they haven't put it together this season. Can Matthew Stafford turn the Lions around?

22) St. Louis Rams: 1 - 2. Chippy, fighters. I heard it explained best, they might not show up in the win column, but the Rams are going to be in it every week. That's exactly what they're doing under the new tutelage of Jeff Fisher.

23) Washington Redskins: 1 - 2. RGIII might need to talk to Michael Vick about how many hits a body can take before it breaks down. It's a shame, if the D could have stayed healthy, the Redskins would be a force.

24) Tennessee Titans: 1 - 2. They were winners last week, but they face off against the Texans this week. Look for another notch in the L column.

25) Oakland Raiders: 1 - 2. They beat the Steelers last week, after the Steelers committed penalty after penalty. This week is the Broncos. Carson Palmer needs to have another strong outing.

26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1 - 2. Tough losses to mediocre teams in the Jets and the Cowboys. Schiano's team is know for playing through the final snap of the game. Maybe that will turn into being know for wins, but not today.

27) Jacksonville Jaguars: 1 - 2. They beat the Colts last week. But as much as that is a reason to celebrate, it really isn't a good reason at all, as the Colts are struggling just as mightily this season.

28) Indianapolis Colts: 1 - 2. They have Luck on their side, but Andrew can't help the defense when it can't stop the run or the pass.

29) Carolina Panthers: 1 - 2. Steve Smith let Cam Newton have an earful. It was a bad game, but Newton can't let that game dictate the rest of the season.

30) Miami Dolphins: 1 - 2. It doesn't get any easier as the Dolphins make their way to Glendale to face the ferocious D of the Cardinals.

31) New Orleans Saints: 0 - 3. What a difference a scandal makes. From the rafters to the cellars in less than a year.

32) Cleveland Browns: 0 - 3. There are small flickers of light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel doesn't end in 2012. Find your peace with the first pick of the 2013 draft Browns fans.

There you have it, my take on the power rankings for week 4. What do you think? Let the world know in the comments below.

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