Stats Changes Takes Sack Away From Daryl Washington, Gives One To Sam Acho

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The team still has five against Eagles, but Washington now no longer alone in team lead.

Each week the NFL reviews game film to correct any statistical errors that might have happened. The Arizona Cardinals defense saw some numbers change after such a review of the film of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Linebacker Daryl Washington and Sam Acho both had changes made too their stat lines regarding sacks.

Acho was given credit for a sack in the second quarter, and rightfully so. It was the play that resulted in a fumble that the Cardinals recovered. It was originally ruled a tackle on a one-yard run by Vick. However, it was changed to a sack for zero yards lost. And this is correct, looking at this photo:


As you can see with the blue line of scrimmage, Vick's knee is down behind and the ball is at the line (and actually had been jarred loose).

The other stat change came on a play in the third quarter. Instead of a sack for a loss of 12 yards by Daryl Washington, it was changed to a tackle for a loss on a running play that lost 12 yards. This makes it so Washington had only one sack in the game and now two on the season, rather than three.

This change is a little bit weird to me. At a glance, it looks stupid. However, I can kind of see how the play looked like it was supposed to be a designed run.

Before the snap, Washington and Paris Lenon give a look of blitz. Vick had to have seen that. See here:


Washington simply catches the speedy Vick as he backpedals and rolls out. On the coaches' film, it suggests that Vick changed the play at the line of scrimmage and instead called a designed QB bootleg and run. The receivers do not do much more than make a token attempt to run a route.

Even still, it it really hard to me to take a sack away because Washington gets to Vick so quick. There is no play to develop. All it looks like is he is trying to get away from the rush.

That gives Acho two sacks on the season and, with the loss of his sack, Washington also has two on the season. That is now the team lead in sacks, and Quentin Groves and Paris Lenon each also have two on the season.

Do I like the change of Washington's sack? No. But it probably is the right call based on the film.

Any thoughts you have on the change?

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