Five Good Questions With The Phinsider, SB Nation's Miami Dolphins Blog

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We asked Kevin Nogle of the Phinsider five questions pertaining to Sunday's game between the Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals.

In anticipation of this weekend's upcoming match between the Cardinals and Dolphins, I was contacted by Kevin Nogle, the managing editor over at 'The Phinsider' which is our sister blog for all things Miami Dolphins. Kevin was kind enough to shoot five questions over to me regarding the Cardinals (which I will link to here later) and he answered five of mine.

So without further ado, here are the five questions I asked of him and his answers.

1) Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby recently came out and said that the current Dolphins team is better than the Cardinals team that he was apart of that made the Super Bowl. Cardinals fans think it is somewhat ridiculous (for the most part), but is there anything we should know that might make his statement sound somewhat reasonable?

I think it's a combination of a couple of things. I think it's Dansby trying to instill confidence in a young team. But, I also think it's Dansby simply being Dansby. He always seems to find the most inopportune time to say something to the media, and most of the time, it can simply be blown off. I think there is a lot of talent on the Dolphins team, but it's a matter of making it all work under a new coaching regime. But, like I said, the team is young and is going to take time to develop and grow.

2) With Reggie Bush likely sitting this week, who is going to fill his spot and take his snaps? Should Cardinals fans be weary?

Don't be surprised if Bush plays this Sunday. The man has probably the best work ethic ever, and he is really working hard to be ready for this Sunday. The Dolphins have two very capable backups behind Bush, however. Second year running back Daniel Thomas is a power back and will get good yardage between the tackles, but he has a fumbling issue right now. Rookie running back Lamar Miller is someone to watch. He has the speed like Bush, but is bigger and can run over some people. If Bush is out, Miller should be able to pick up some of the slack, and don't be surprised if he has a pretty decent day.

3) How has rookie Ryan Tannehill performed in the passing game this season? Is this going to be a one-dimensional game? How does he respond to pressure?

Tannehill has been okay this season. The big issue is clearly the Dolphins' wide receivers, who are having problems supporting the rookie quarterback. They drop too many passes, and have issues getting open. But, Tannehill has looked poised in the pocket, and really has not let a lot get to him this year.

He makes rookie mistakes, taking a sack where he doesn't need to or throwing a pass he shouldn't, but he has been impressive at times as well. The Dolphins do try to run the ball more than I think they will as Tannehill develops further, but I would not call the offense one dimensional.

4) Who is a player Cardinals fans should look out for that may be someone fans outside of Miami might not hear much about?

There are two players on offense that come to mind, fullback Jorvorskie Lane and tight end Charles Clay. Lane is a mauler, and will punish people if he gets the ball in space. He played tailback at Texas A&M under new Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, so he is comfortable with the ball, and at 5'11" and 260 lbs., he is a massive runner once he does have the ball.

Clay, meanwhile, splits time between fullback and tight end. He has the ability to work the seam and has pretty sure hands. Neither one of them has been a feature of the offense so far, but I would not be surprised if one of them saw more action this week.

On defense, watch Randy Starks. The defensive tackle is currently leading the team with three sacks, and he has been a force up the middle of opposing offensive lines so far this year.

5) Do they ever show Lauren Tannehill on the TV broadcasts? Yes, this is an important question.

Probably not as much as you would want.

Thanks again to Kevin for helping us out with this great info (especially number five, although it was not the answer I was looking for). Feel free to hit up Phinsider leading up to gameday to get more info on this week's opponent!

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