ROTB Roundtable: Key Player, Starting QB, and Season Predictions

The 2012 NFL Regular Season is set to kick off! The Cardinals take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, just as the ROTB Writing Staff takes on three currently trending questions.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Who do you think will be a key player in this weekend's game against Seattle?

Tyler Nickel: I think with the uncertainty surrounding the offensive line and the quarterback, Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells will need to come up big for the Cardinals this weekend. Running the ball down a good pass rushing defense's throat might be the only way to go. That is the personnel Arizona has and they need to play to their strengths.

Alex Mann: There's to many to count. Our Run game, Washington, Peterson (Our favorite announcer is calling the game), and I'm going to surprise people here, but I think Byrd is in for a tremendous game.

Randy Fields: Sam Acho. I think the Cardinals have a fresh talented OLB for the first time in ages and he's going to flash and cause havoc on the right side. This will cause disruption allowing more opportunities for Calias Campbell as well, the right side is going to be a force to reckon with, and these two will feed off of each other.

Cdeveau: Who do I think will be a key player? John Skelton, but that goes without saying. He needs to take care of the football and manage the game. Past that, I feel Beanie Wells needs to have a good game running the rock.

Jess Root: Beanie Wells. he hasn't played Seattle in quite some time. If he gets rolling, great for AZ.

2) Do you agree with Coach Whiz's decision to start John Skelton over Kevin Kolb?

Tyler Nickel: At this point, I just want somebody that can do the job at an average level. If that is Skelton, great, if not, bring in Kolb. Coach Whiz knows better than we do, so I have to assume he made the right call.

Alex Mann: He's the coach, it's his team. He knows what he is doing so I cannot complain.

Randy Fields: I do agree with Skelton over Kolb because of the poise shown in the preseason by Skelton. With the o-line play Skelton has the physical tools and the level head to help the team win now. I can't wait to see if Skelton can really grow into the role and lock it down or if this is just a temporary assignment.

Cdeveau: Do I agree in the starting of Skelton over Kolb? Yeah. Coach Whiz runs a certain style offense. Kolb wasn't getting it done in that setting, while Skelton appears to be better suited for the style.

Jess Root: I would have been fine either way. Neither was great. A coin could have decided it.

3) Pre-season predictions: At this point, what do you think the Cardinals regular season record will be? Tyler Nickel:

Tyler Nickel: Oh, boy. I'll go ahead and say not that great and leave it at that. I don't mean to sound too negative, but I just don't see this offense as being very good. In fact, there is a good chance they could have a top 5 pick in 2013 based on what I have seen so far.

Alex Mann: 7-9 or 6-10. We play the NFC North and East, therefore two of the best divisions in the NFL. We showed tremendous potential at the end of last year and maybe we'll step it up again but I don't see us doing much better than 8-8 with our shoddy O-Line.

Randy Fields: I'm a kool-aid drinker: 9-7. I think there's too much talent on the defense and surrounding the awful mess of the offensive line to not have some magic happen. When asked if I believe in miracles all I have to do is reference the 2008 season.

Cdeveau: What do I think the regular season record will be? I jumped the gun and have an article up projecting the W/Ls for the season. I pegged them at 9/7.

Jess Root: I think it will be 9-7.
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