Mock Draft 2.0

Okay with everything going on this offseason, i've been watching a lot of college football, reading a lot of profiles on

players, and researching a lot of people's mock drafts and i think the Cardinals have a lot of potential to turn this

team from one of the worst, to one of the best in just one offseason. Until the combine, we don't know for sure who

will fall and who will rise, so this might all change drastically. As of right now, this is how i would draft if it started this

weekend. Thoughts? Comments? Cardinals banter?

Round 1: Taylor Lewan (OT, Michigan)

Lewan is an astounding pass blocker and has played LT his entire collegiate career. He is freakishly athletic for being 6’7’’ and has shut down Jadaveon Clowney, the nation’s top collegiate pass rusher. This pick secures the LT spot for pretty much the next decade or so (barring injury) allowing Levi Brown to move to a more natural guard position where he can maul interior lineman and open up running holes therefore making this pick a two-for.

Alternate picks: Chance Warmack (OG, Bama), Dion Jordan (OLB, Oregon)

Round 2: Tyler Wilson (QB, Arkansas)

With a new GM and Head Coach, they usually want their own quarterbacks. With Kolb being injury prone and the unlikeliness of Skelton/Lindley being back next year combined with the now improved offensive line, the Cardinals might select Wilson here to compete with Kolb and Hoyer.

Alternate picks: Kevin Minter (ILB, LSU), Barrett Jones (OL, Bama) Eddie Lacy (RB, Bama)

Round 3: Sean Porter (OLB A&M)

Porter is a fast, athletic machine. He is not the pass rusher Von Miller was during his tenure at A&M, but he is always around the ball and making tackles around the line of scrimmage. He is better as a run defender, having a knack for penetrating gaps and getting off blocks.

Alternate Picks: Phillip Thomas (SS, Fresno State) Aaron Murray (QB, UGA) David Amerson (CB/S, NCState)

Round 4: Mallciah Goodman (DE/OLB, Clemson)

With Goodman’s performance against the mighty line of LSU in the Chik-fil-A Bowl, his stock might rise in the coming months, however, for this mock, he’s going in round 4. Goodman doesn’t have many sacks in his career, but he is always getting behind the line of scrimmage. If Dockett were to leave, he wouldn’t be a bad choice considering he is 6’4’’ 280, and being next to Campbell doesn’t hurt either.

Alternate Picks: Le’Veon Bell (RB/Mich. State) Kenjon Barner (RB, Oregon)

Round 5: Omoregie Uzzi (OG, Ga. Tech)

I like the fact that he played in a triple option offense, because that means he knows how to open holes in the run game. Also seeing how we will know have depth on the line, with the additions of Potter and even Snyder potentially as back ups, he shouldn’t have to worry about having to pass protect much, barring injuries to everyone else.

Round 6: Mario Benavides (C, Louisville)

Benavides has had a few injuries in his career which is going to lower his draft position, but he has all the physical tools to play center on any NFL team. He started all 12 games in 2012 and has 46 career starts. He earned Freshman All-American honors and made All-Big East twice. Another pick to shore up the offensively offensive line.

Round 7: Dustin Hopkins (K, FSU)

Why not?

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<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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