Where the Arizona Cardinals Stand- Coach Hire and Draft !!!

I think it is fair to say that Arizona has missed out on the top 2 targets in Andy Reid and Mike Mccoy. Unless a report comes out tommorow to say that Bruce Arians is going to interview with us for the HC job, it is safe to assume the job will go to Horton. I think Haley is being too bold with his ridiculous demands which I laugh at. I think Ray Horton would make an excellent HC and whilst the jury is still out on Kirby Wilson as OC.

I think Bidwill and Kiem need to remember that Horton had never been a DC but they hired and trusted him and he has transformed the defense into a top 10 defense and one of the best in the NFL. The same thing can happen with the offense. I would say the Bidwill and Keim should roll with the dice and Hire Kirby Wilson as OC and Horton should promote defensive backs coach Louie Cioffi as DC. I also believe that Kiem will look to add to the offensive staff a strong QB coach who has a track record of developing solid to franchise QB ( some one in the mold of George Whitfield).

With that said ..this how our draft strategy should be in the first 4 rounds. I see two strategies which I think would really help this team compete with the 49ers , Seahawks ( although I prefer to call them happy when ATL knocked them out) and the Rams ( they are on the rise and can cause problems)

*IN the 2013 NFL DRAFT!!!, let me make it absolutely clear that Arizona Cardinals will not take a QB in the first round. Mike Bidwill has already said he is not ready to give up on Kolb, which suggests that the Cardinals intend to fix the O-Line and give Kolb one more season to prove himself on a restructured deal of course to save some cap room. I believe after starting great last season with 8 TD and 3 INT in 6 games before he got injured, Kolb can get it done but I will also stress it to Kolb that He and Strength and Condition coach John Lott become BFF. He needs to put his body through hardwork to build better muscle and please drink some milk, it is clear Kolb has weak bones and did not get breast fed as a baby or drink milk as a kid hence his weak bones.

1. PLAN A:

Plan A is an aggressive draft strategy which includes trading picks. QB Matt Moore will be signed as backup or compete even with Kevin Kolb ( which I expect Kolb to win). Skelton's time is done and Lindley with be there and work on his mechanics a lot ..will not see the field for next 2-3 seasons at all.

*R1 P2 - LT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M : Arizona trades 7th Pick and 2014 1st or 2nd round pick and 2013 3rd round pick to the Jaguars in order to pick a franchise left tackle and finally protect Kevin Kolb much better. this trade will be similar to the RG3 trade.

R 2 - OG/C/OT - Barret Jones, Alabama : Arizona need to, have to, must select Barret Jones if he is avialable in the second round. This is an absolute must and I feel He will be there in the second round due to having a few injuries that will cause him not to be at his best at the combine. Once He is healed and in training camp, he solidifies the OL.

R 3 - Traded to Jaguars in order to move up to get Joeckel.

R4 - OLB is needed here. A pass-rusher similar to Sam Acho but with more explosive speed and accelration like Corey Limoner.

* with both LT Luke Joeckel and OG/C/OT Barret Jones, our now O-LIne Coach, which by recent reports seems like ti will Juan Castillo ( I think Bidwill will add him to the staff and tell whoever he hires as HC that Juan is the OL coach and he has proven record but he will never coach defense or touch any defensive players)

2. PLAN B.

Plan B is staying put and making great decisions with our draft picks to build a better team. In this plan, I would assume Arizona signing an LT in free Agency, which will be either Jake Long or Jermon Bushrod ( Signing one of these two would depend on the salary cap situation). If none of them are signed, Arizona would go into draft and draft OL in round 2.

R1 P7 - OLB Jarvis Jones- Arizona would run to the podium if Jarvis Jones is available and Joeckel is not available. if Both Joeckel and Jones are picked before Arizona at 7, then the next best fit is OLB DION JORDAN, Oregon - He has perfect size at 6'7, 243 pounds, I 'm thinking of the long arms and leverage he can great to greatly rush the passer.

R2- OT/C/OG- Barret Jones, Alabama- Again, I am really hoping and wishing that Barret Jones is available to to us in the second round.

R3- QB Tyler Bray, Tennesse: Russell Wilson of the SeaCheats have proven that Franchise QB's can be found in later rounds, although the statistics prove it doesn't happen often. Even I believe that had we drafted Nick Foles, We would've had a better shot at the playoffs and Whiz and Graves might have their jobs. Tyler Bray has chosen to declare for the draft and if he is there in the third round, I would say we draft him asap and develop him behind Kolb. He has all the physical tools. I was hoping Logan Thomas would've declared and we would've drafted him here but he is going back to school. Oh well we can draft him in first round , if the offense flops again, which I highly doubt will happen.

R 4- HB Stepfan Taylor, Stanford: I believe that Ryan Williams will emerge as our main HB with the changes to the offense and Beanie Wells would be gone or cut by end of training camp. Ryan Williams had all the tools coming out of Virginia Tech and has been unfortunate with injuries. He is great back and if he can shake of his freaky injuries, he can be our feature back. Drafting Taylor Or reliable back ensures we have insurance. I would also like us to utilize LSH like the Saints utilize darren sproles in screens and pitch outs.

R 5- CB Tyrann Mathieu: This kid si super talented and reminds me alot of Steelers FS Troy Polamalu. He is not the biggest but at LSU in the 2011 season made plays all over the field and was a key player for them. He ruined it with is offseason issues but I believe under the guidance of Patrick Peterson ( who is his role model and like brother to him) , Ray Horton and the leaders on the Cardinals defense, He can emerge as a superstar.

Well Folks, These are my suggestions.. In my personal opinion, I would prefer Plan B as it makes the whole team better because the Defense would be much more dangerous with that special pass rusher in Jarvis Jones or Dion Jordan. Please comment and let me know what you think and which plan you would prefer or what would be your plan in the comments below!!!


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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