1/16 Arizona Cardinals news: McCoy out, Bevell in, Keim poorly paid?

Ronald Martinez

The links to get the day started.

In today's links about the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL, we see the news that the Cards are now turning to Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as a head coaching candidate. Mike McCoy sticks with the Chargers, and Ray Horton is busy flying to relax himself. Then with the NFL, Tim Tebow might not even be a fit in the CFL (not the fancy pants light bulbs, the football league in Canada).

Read more from the links below.


Word From the Birds Blog | Bevell to join coaching candidates
On a day when Mike McCoy chose to take the San Diego job, the Cardinals added a new name to their list of candidates

Arizona Cardinals coach options now that McCoy is a Charger | Insiders
Is McCoy a better hire than Ray Horton would be? Todd Haley? Better than Rob Chudzinski, who just got the Browns job? I don’t know and neither does anyone else.

Arizona Cardinals miss out on Denver Broncos' Mike McCoy
The list of candidates for the Cardinals' head-coaching job changed on Tuesday, as the team lost one option but added another.

Thinking out loud on Bevell and Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars might not be the only NFL teams considering Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for head coaching vacancies. Seattle's division rivals from Arizona could also consider him, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com.

Thoughts as Cards lose McCoy to Chargers - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mike McCoy's expected hiring by the San Diego Chargers leaves the Arizona Cardinals ... where? There is no way to know the answer to that question.

Cardinals choice: Horton vs. offensive mind
McCoy's decision clears path for Horton, unless Cardinals are committed to offense-oriented hire.

Report: New Cardinals GM Keim lowest-paid in NFL - ArizonaSports.com
Rumors are making the rounds that Steve Keim will be making roughly $750,000 as the Cardinals' new G.M., which would make him the lowest-paid General Manager in the league.

With McCoy out of mix, Cardinals’ job becomes murky | ProFootballTalk
The Cardinals feared losing defensive coordinator Ray Horton to a head-coaching job. After the two other head-coaching jobs for which Horton interviewed (Browns and Bills) went to other candidates, the Cardinals' reportedly hatched a plan to keep Horton in charge of the defense and to hire Broncos...

Time for Plan B, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing - ArizonaSports.com
There's nothing wrong with being the second choice.

Cardinals' Horton uses flying as relaxation - ArizonaSports.com
Most coaches and coordinators have hobbies they enjoy during the offseason to help get their mind off the game. Horton's happens to be different than most -- he enjoys flying planes.

Demand for Darrell Bevell grows | ProFootballTalk
Russell Wilson's list of career accomplishments may also include doing something that Brett Favre never was able to pull off: Getting Darrell Bevell a head-coaching job.


The Week in Worst: Divisional round suckage - SBNation.com
Once again, we've rounded up the worst NFL plays of the week and made GIFs out of them. Even in the playoffs, there's still terrible football.

Tim Tebow might not be cut out for the CFL - SBNation.com
The Montreal Alouettes own Tim Tebow's CFL rights, but the team's GM isn't sure if the quarterback would have a better shot north of the border.

TAKEAWAYS: The NFL moves forward with the read option, glad Ray Lewis is still here - SBNation.com
Now that the Divisional Round has had some time to breathe, Robert Wheel takes a look at the key takeaways from each game this weekend.

NFL free agents 2013: RFA tender amounts released - SBNation.com
The restricted free agent tender amounts for this NFL offseason have been released.

Jaguars coaching rumors: Darrell Bevell, Brian Schottenheimer among the candidates - SBNation.com
The Jaguars coaching search is underway and a number of current coordinators are among the list of potential candidates.

Chargers formally introduce Mike McCoy as head coach - SBNation.com
The San Diego Chargers held a press conference on Tuesday, formally introducing Mike McCoy as the team's next head coach.

Jimmy Haslam to consider Browns uniform changes - SBNation.com
Cleveland's classic uniforms could receive an update after the 2013 season -- but fans shouldn't worry, as Cleveland's classic helmets won't be modified.

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