1st order of Biz post Coaching hires

We need to re-structure the following players so we have a clear list of needs on draft day:

Kevin Kolb. I am willing to give him another year to prove himself with a coach that will taylor the offense to his strengths and behind a solid offensive line and with a healthy backfield. Just not at the price he is contracted for which is a detriment to the team financially. KKs cap number is around 13 million and needs to be down around 6.5 to make it worth keeping him.

Stewart Bradley. WTF were the Cardinals thinking ? He's hardly played a down in 2 years yet paid millions. I'd like to keep him because we are thin at the ILB position but we cannot justify keeping him for a 6.5 million cap hit. If its a choice between him and Wilson, see you later Stew. Im in for around 2.5. Which brings me to the next player.

A-dub. My man. I seriously want you to be a Cardinal for life but your not a full time safety anymore so why don't we just pay you as a part time safety and stay red. I think your number is around 5 million and if we just split it down the middle you will be making more than you will make anywhere else.

Rhodes. I was skeptical of you as a physical player but you earned my respect this year. Lets take your 6 million and get you a new contract where we can thin out the cap number to 4 million this year.

Now that I have saved the cardinals 15 million, which puts us 14 under, lets go get us some free agents. First we must re-sign our own. C'mon down Rashad, Groves, Toler and Hoyer.

Rashad is on the verge of breaking out as a strong safety in the NFL and his strength is in the passing game which is great for a passing league. He would be my #1 FA for the cards. How does 3.5 mil sound ?

Groves has proved to be a solid backup line backer in the 3-4 who can occasionally start and star on special teams. We need you back Groves. Will you take 2.5 ?

Toler I know you had an up and down season and have had some injury issues but we drafted you and believe that with some good luck and health can come in and challenge for that #2 CB spot that you were primed to take before getting injured. How's 2.5 sound ?

Hoyer. Your best shot at playing and getting an opportunity to become a starter in the NFL is to come into camp behind Kolb because 1. He could stink it up like he did last preseason and you might just earn the start game 1 or 2. He might actually prove to be injury prone even behind a good Oline and you get to start anyway. I may add behind a good Oline with a healthy Levi, two year 2 tackles and a #7 pick in Warmack. Plus your throwing to Fitz and Floyd ! You'd probably offer to pay us but we will give you 1.5 for your troubles.

7.5 million left to spend of the Cards mula. How would you spend it ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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