1/25 Arizona Cardinals news: Ray Horton speaks, coaching update, Darrelle Revis

Christian Petersen

Today's Cardinals and NFL links to start off the day.

For today's links, we have some good ones. Ray Horton gave a couple of interviews on Phoenix radio, the team has some more coaches connected to them and Darrelle Revis is on the trading block.

Check out the links for the morning:


Word From the Birds Blog | Coaching staff roundup, as of now
The Cardinals still have not officially announced their full coaching staff, past the the three top assistants. Usually the team likes to wait until everything is finalized with everyone before putting out the full list, as opposed to putting it all out piecemeal. But that doesn’t mean word hasn’t gotten out here and there as coaches are at the Senior Bowl or talk to hometown newspapers or the like. So, from that, here are the names circulating in various spots:

Quick snapshot: Cardinals coaching staff - NFC West Blog - ESPN
We interrupt our steady diet of San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl coverage to check out where the Arizona Cardinals stand in filling vacancies on their coaching staff.

Trading for Revis? A few things to consider - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Darrelle Revis was a great football player before suffering a severe knee injury last season. He might again become a great football player. But if the New York Jets are apprehensive about paying huge money to retain Revis following the 2013 season, why would another team want to trade for the right to do so?

Ray Horton: 'Unequivocally' could have delivered Norv Turner as Cardinals offensive coordinator ArizonaSports.com
"Unequivocally," Horton told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo Thursday when asked if he could have brought Turner in as part of his staff.

Ray Horton has no bitterness toward Arizona Cardinals ArizonaSports.com
You'd think a guy who guided a successful defense for two seasons and then was passed over by that team for their vacant head coaching position would be pretty steamed, right?

ESPN insider: Bruce Arians, Tom Moore will get most out of Cardinals QBs ArizonaSports.com
"Love it, absolutely love it," John Clayton told Arizona Sports 620's Doug and Wolf Thursday. "Tom's one of the great guys in sports."

LIVE on azcentral
The transcript of the live chat with AZCentral's Kent Somers.

Ray Horton shows no signs of bitterness to Arizona Cardinals
Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton said he wanted to stay in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals' Darnell Dockett: I would have got Katherine Webb if I wanted
Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett seems to be doing better at capitalizing on Katherine Webb's 15 minutes of fame than Katherine Webb is.


What is Alex Smith doing right now? Jan. 24 - SBNation.com
The 49ers quarterback tried to visit a theme park in Vallejo to clear his head. It didn't work.

John Elway joins Matt Ufford in the SB Nation Studio - SBNation.com
NFL legend John Elway joined Matt Ufford in the SB Nation Studio to preview the Super Bowl and discuss his present role as the Broncos' Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

2013 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down for High-Profile and Lesser-Known NFL Hopefuls - SBNation.com
It happens every year. A few prospects are taking advantage of the Senior Bowl to elevate their draft stock.

Senior Bowl 2013: 'Denard Robinson, athlete' - SBNation.com
The former Michigan quarterback knows his role has to change for a shot at the NFL.

Super Bowl 2013: New Orleans braces for Roger Goodell's return - SBNation.com
Sean Payton is back, the Atlanta Falcons lost and it's looking more and more like New Orleans is ready to put aside BountyGate and party with the NFL. All should be well for Super Bowl 47, as long as the giant papier-måché vaginas don't show up.

Pro Bowl 2013: Weather could bring humidity, rain and vog - SBNation.com
Weather may not be perfect for this year's Pro Bowl. Will the players be safe?

Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Jets CB responds to speculation - SBNation.com
Darrelle Revis responded to trade rumors on Twitter, saying he is "speechless" that talks are even in progress. How will the situation unfold?

Ed Reed says he'll play in 2013, but will it be with the Ravens? - SBNation.com
Several had speculated that the Ravens safety would retire at the end of the year. Reed confirmed he will return next season, but the question is where will he play?

Super Bowl 2013: Harbaugh parents not taking sides - SBNation.com
Someone had the nerve to suggest the Harbaugh parents love one son more than the other.

Fumblr: An appreciation of Jim Harbaugh's sideline meltdowns - SBNation.com
One day, Jim Harbaugh's head is going to explode on the sideline, and all we'll have to remember him by are these hilarious GIFs.

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