ROTB Pick'em Final results

Ralph Freso

Here is how the season turned out.

Evan_TFJ where did you go? Inexplicably Evan failed to make his picks the final week of the season so we didn't get to see if he would hold off the competition. In fact, the race was so close he would have needed a 9-7 or better record to secure the victory. Certainly not by default, see the 66.7 winning percentage, don f is our 2012 pick 'em league champion. To put that winning percentage in perspective, he won twice as many games as he lost. Congratulation don!! tonyman121 made an unexpected run at the title, sharing the weekly won point with an unbelievable 13-3 mark. His record brought his winning percentage within .4% of don f, falling just one win shy of overtaking don f in the final standings.

The ironman race was, as expected, equally as tight. iacardsfan is our 2012 pick' em league ironman champion, holding off JoeCB1991 by a single game and Drullin'OverDaCards by only 4 games. Congratulations to iacardsfan!!

The final week of the season was uncharacteristically good for all entries with everyone over .500 and several excellent records. As mentioned before tonyman121 almost came out of nowhere to win the title with his 13-3 record. robloosli and hadrarius also managed the same incredible record this week. All three entries share the week's won point for .333 points each.

Well mercifully the Cardinal's season is over, but sadly that means so is the regular season pick 'em league. Not to worry, I will run Hawkwind's playoff pick 'em game too. The Wild Card weekend post is here. I hope everyone enjoyed the league, it was a nice distraction from the Cardinals games most weeks for me.

The results:

User Weeks played Week's record Overall record Percentage Weeks won
don f 14 10-6 80-40 0.667 1.167 2012 winner!
tonyman121 9 13-3 53-27 0.663 1.833
iacardsfan 17 11-5 93-51 0.646 0.643 2012 ironman winner!
JoeCB1991 17 12-4 92-52 0.639 1.560
robloosli 10 13-3 55-33 0.625 0.583
Drullin'OverDaCards 17 11-5 89-55 0.618 0.167
J Steezy 15 10-6 79-49 0.617 1.143
redking90 10 12-4 54-34 0.614
cardinalbrown* 17 10-6 88-56 0.611 1.000
StuckinColorado 17 11-5 88-56 0.611 0.875
crisco219 17 11-5 88-56 0.611 0.310
hadrarius 14 13-3 72-48 0.600 0.333
SmartCard 17 11-5 86-58 0.597 0.601
suskenaz** 8 11-5 43-29 0.597
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs 17 11-5 82-62 0.569 1.000
Jess Root 17 9-7 79-65 0.549 0.125
kj197728 17 10-6 79-65 0.549
* - cardinalbrown missed making one pick on week 15 and by rule cannot win the ironman title
** - suskenaz only made picks 8 weeks and not the required 9 weeks
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