1/31 Arizona Cardinals news: The Super Bowl awaits

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday of Super Week is here. Here are some links on a light Cardinals news day.

The Arizona Cardinals don't have much going on, as they are not in the Super Bowl. However, the news from the NFL and naturally the big game is plentiful. Check out the links we have for you this morning.


Kurt Warner remembers Super Bowl XLIII fondly ArizonaSports.com
Four years ago Kurt Warner was preparing to lead the Arizona Cardinals against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay.

Kurt Warner's retirement hurt Cardinals worse than you think ArizonaSports.com
Most who followed the team in any capacity knew there would be a drop off from the production at the quarterback position after Kurt Warner's exodus. But you would have had to be Nostradamus after LASIK surgery to see at the time how badly the position would suffer.

Scouting report on Arizona Cardinals new offensive coordinator | Insiders
Harold Goodwin is the Cardinals new offensive coordinator under coach Bruce Arians, and little brother said big brother has a sneaky way of attempting to get information.


Finding acid at Super Bowl Media Day - SBNation.com
Attending my first media day, I got to watch another reporter trip on acid.

2013 Super Bowl: Ray Lewis talks about being 'legendary' - SBNation.com
Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis talked about what it means to him to be considered "legendary," and what he told his teammates when he announced his retirement during media day festivities on Tuesday.

Media Day 2013: Alex Smith is not a hero, but Randy Moss definitely is - SBNation.com

Alex Smith played it low key on Super Bowl Media Day in New Orleans, but Randy Moss and Terrell Suggs had more fun with it. Let's take a look back at a few highlights from the chaos.

TAKEAWAYS: Snappy Answers to Super Bowl Questions - SBNation.com

The people at your Super Bowl party are going to suck. They're not going to know as much about football as you. If you don't feel like taking football ignorance in stride, here are some snappy answers to stupid Super Bowl questions.

Gnawlins: the traditional crab and crawfish boil - SBNation.com

You don't have to go out to have a good time in New Orleans: Tthe SB Nation video team stayed in on Tuesday night to eat nine pounds of crawfish and two dozen blue crabs.

What is Alex Smith doing right now? Jan. 30 - SBNation.com

Even professional athletes have heroes. We take a glimpse into Alex Smith's Photoshop folder and observe his fascination with Ryan Gosling.

Weather forecast for Super Bowl Week in New Orleans - SBNation.com

The game may be indoors but many fan activities are outdoors, SB Nation weather contributor and meteorologist Brian Neudorff takes a look at the weather forecast for the remainder of the week in New Orleans.

Super Bowl 2013, Ravens vs. 49ers game preview: Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick square off in New Orleans - SBNation.com

Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens take on Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, as the 2012-13 NFL season comes to a close in New Orleans.

Super Bowl XLVII: As John Harbaugh's team grows, so too does his reputation and legacy - SBNation.com

John Harbaugh's first five years in Baltimore have resulted in five playoff appearances and now a Super Bowl bid. At Tuesday's Media Day, he looked back at his most successful years, and of course commented on his relationship with his brother, Jim.

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