Cardinals vs. 49ers: Vote for the Week 6 play of the game

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Watch the plays of the game and vote for your favorite.

After a tumultuous start to the game, the Arizona Cardinals, led by quarterback Carson Palmer, hung around with the San Francisco 49ers until turnovers did them in late. The 32-20 loss is indicative of how the game started and ended, but in between was some flashy football -- mainly from the offense.

The defense played very well until it was simply worn out in the fourth quarter, but it did not produce as many "wow" plays as it had in recent weeks. Therefore, this week's candidates for the play of the game have an offensive feel to them.

Here they are -- your play-of-the-game nominees for Week 6.

Palmer to Floyd in the corner

This play is pretty much how it should have looked in New Orleans, when Palmer threw the end-zone interception. Perfect ball placement, good body control and better footwork led to this 10-yard touchdown.

Hopefully, these two can do that about 10 more times before the season ends.

Brittan Golden's first NFL catch is huge

As big as this 53-yard pass play from Palmer to Brittan Golden was, it could have been even bigger. Golden tripped over himself while making the catch, which prevented him from scoring.

That said, if he did score on the play, the next offensive candidate would not have happened, as it was the very next play from scrimmage. So we're glad you're a klutz, Brittan.

Tyrann Mathieu stops Kaepernick short

If rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu did not stop 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick short on third down, who knows what would have happened on the drive. It was the opening drive of the second half and held San Francisco to a three-and-out.

Mathieu seems to make at least one great play every week, and this was it for Week 6.

Andre Ellington's first NFL rushing touchdown

This 15-yard touchdown run from rookie Andre Ellington perfectly illustrated what I had been saying all week leading up to the game -- that the San Francisco defense could be handled with relative ease by running between the tackles.

Ellington had the hot hand all day, averaging 8.0 yards per carry, but unfortunately, coach Bruce Arians still doesn't understand what he has in the rookie running back.

Larry sprints to the house

This 75-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown was the second-longest of Larry Fitzgerald's career. It trails only the 78-yarder he had with Matt Leinart in 2008 during the 47-7 embarrassment at New England.

It showed that Fitzgerald's hamstring is doing just fine, thank you, and that the "old man" still has plenty of speed to burn. Golden had a great block at the end, as well.

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