10/22 Arizona Cardinals news: Abraham facing Falcons, practice in pads

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A look back at the last 24 hours of Cardinals and NFL news.

Mondays are normally a film day, but this past Monday was in full pads, something that the team will do twice this week. Here is the post practice chatter.


Cardinals Blogs | Looking at young players is just that
There will be no changes to the lineup this week, Bruce Arians said.

Cardinals Blogs | Abraham loves quarterbacks. Seriously.
"My old coach Ray Hamilton, he always said, ‘John, you gonna be a third down rusher?’ I was like, ‘Hell no,’ " Abraham said. "I said, ‘You understand, I’ve got to come in one play and be ready, and this guy (blocking) is lathered up and ready to go.’ It’s tough."

John Abraham Provides Overtime For Cardinals

Heading into game against former team, veteran pass rusher embraces extra workload

Abraham: 'I'm sure it's going to be emotional'

John Abraham talks about facing the Atlanta Falcons, a team he played with for seven seasons.

Cards Daily - 'Outstanding beginning to the week'

Head Coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media after Monday's practice in preparation of the Atlanta Falcons.

Arizona Cardinals get back to work in pads this week - ESPN

Arizona will don pads Monday and Wednesday this week, the one time during the season they’re allowed pads twice in one week per the collective bargaining agreement.

Flush the Pocket: Fitz gets 1st hole-in-one - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

With the weekend off, while some of his teammates headed out of town, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald hit the links.

QBs Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck spoiled Bruce Arians - ESPN

"I always called Peyton 'The Piranha,'" Arians said. "I mean, you couldn't feed him enough information. The hardest guy I ever coached was Peyton because if you had a two-hour meeting, you better have two-and-a-half hours worth of stuff ready, because he was going to eat it up and spit it out."

ReFo: Seahawks @ Cardinals, Week 7 | ProFootballFocus.com

As Ben Stockwell writes, Russell Wilson's ability to flourish under duress was the difference in this one, as both defenses generated pressure at will.

Andrew Luck outduels Peyton Manning in memorable Broncos-Colts contest | The MMQB with Peter King

Bradley Sowell recognized for something not so good.

Bruce Arians: Some of Carson Palmer's problems 'are his and some are the 10 guys around him' ArizonaSports.com

"I think Carson's problems, some are his and some are the 10 guys around him," said Arians. "It's not just the line. It's the receivers running the wrong routes, not being in the reception areas. And then again it's protection."

Cardinals coach: Learning to play inside will help Larry Fitzgerald ArizonaSports.com

A guest of the same show Monday afternoon, Arians said Fitzgerald is going to have to figure out how to succeed with his expanded role.


NFL Debrief: Backup quarterbacks and legends - SBNation.com

The most important player in Indianapolis Sunday night wasn't a quarterback, but he was a veteran in the midst of a career year. Also, more backup QBs and a modest proposal for Steve Smith's next career move.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams dies - SBNation.com

Titans owner and co-founder of the AFL Bud Adams has died.

The Daily Win: 'Luck or Manning?' is the wrong question - SBNation.com

Some fans saw the Colts' victory over the Broncos on Sunday Night Football as a final vindication of the team's decision to cut Peyton Manning and draft Andrew Luck. But that's the wrong...

Brandon Meriweather suspension: Redskins S out 2 games - SBNation.com

Brandon Meriweather has been suspended two games, drawing the ire of the NFL once again for head-hunting hits.

Jim Irsay responds to Colts win, critics on Twitter - SBNation.com

The Colts owner is never at a loss for words, especially in 140 characters or less.

Pat McAfee gets 'randomly selected' for steroid test - SBNation.com

Maybe THIS is why kickers don't obliterate people more often.

Takeaways, NFL Week 7: Run to win - SBNation.com

The NFL is a passing league, but that didn't stop the inability to run the ball being a major factor in several losses this week.

Jets Release Brady Quinn, Re-Sign David Garrard - Gang Green Nation

Geno Smith has a new back-up.

2013 NFL Standings, Week 7: Chiefs the lone remaining undefeated team - SBNation.com

Just like everyone predicted, the Chiefs are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL.

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