Hindsight is 20/20 Mock Draft - 2013

This is my "hindsight is 20/20" mock draft. I did this last year as well. The draft process is such a hit and miss deal that it's a rare occurrence for a team to nail all of their daft picks. Its not that hard to nail all of your draft picks in a hindsight draft though :) If a team can nail it while on the clock they are that much further ahead in the upcoming season. When we talk about draft grades we must consider what would have been the perfect draft. I attempt to do this with my 20/20 hindsight re-draft. So here is my redraft based on what we know now.

Round 1 - They had to go Warmack or Cooper with the top tackles off the board.

1-7: The re-selection is Johnathan Cooper: Selected with the pick 7 in the first round, his rookie campaign ended in pre-season. Yet without injury; you could see the type of impact he was going to have on our offensive line. I'd make this pick all over again.

Round 2 - They got this one half right with a savvy trade and a questionable miss.

2-45: The re-selection here is Kiko Alonso: Selected with the 46th pick in the 2nd round, Kiko was selected one pick behind the Cardinals selecting Kevin Minter. Kiko has been a stud thus far and is leading in recognition for the Defensive ROY just in front of the Honey Badger. He would have helped our team quite of bit during Dary Washington's suspension as he is also a supreme athlete at the ILB position. Him and DWash in the middle would have been the most athletic combination in the league. Minter hasn't even seen the field yet.

* The Cardinals did well to trade back with the San Diego Chargers picking up an extra 4th round selection but may have just missed on this pick.

Round 3 - They went with the Biscuit portion of the coaches motto here of "No Risk-it no Biscuit"

3-69: The re-selection here is Tyrann Mathieu: The highly controversial 69th pick in the 3rd round. I'd make this pick again and again; I think all Cards fans would. He's 2nd in recognition for Defensive ROY behind Kiko Alonso and he's had a huge impact on the Cardinals early on in this season. With the Kiko Alonso pick one round earlier; we could have had both the leading candidates for Defensive ROY. That would have been amazing.

Round 4 - BPA blindfolds the Cardinals with their first pick and then they reach with their 2nd pick in round 4 where need and positional value exceed BPA.

4-103: The re-selection here is David Bakhtiari: This underrated tackle was selected with the 109th pick in the 4th round, 6 picks behind the Alex Oakafor pick. He has started every game at LT for the Packers and has faired well. The Cardinals could have parted ways with Levi much earlier and avoided the penalties and sacks that contributed to the loss in STL and struggles in NO. Bakharati is just the kind of athletic tackle that would have paired nicely with Cooper on the left side. You also know what Oakafor has been able to do this year; Not too much before his injury.

4-116: The re-selection here is Levine Toilolo: This 6'-8" 265lb. TE out of Stanford was selected with the 133rd pick in the 4th round and is very Jimmy Graham'ish in size, speed and athletic ability. The Cards had a chance to select him with the 116th pick but selected Watford instead. If you watched the Falcons get upset by the Jets on Monday night, you saw Toilolo do something Housler has never done in the NFL; catch a touchdown. Watford has been a project and hasn't seen the field.

Round 5 - BPA again blindfolds the Cards to need and value. They missed a good opportunity to double down on a weak position.

5-140: The re-selection here is Luke Wilson: This is a 6'-5" 250lb. TE out of Rice who was selected with the 158th pick in the 5th round by Seattle, 18 picks behind the Cardinals selection of Stephan Taylor. Luke has 7 receptions for 104 yards thru five games and the main reason for this re-draft selection is because of how weak our TE group is with a non-performing Rob Housler, IR'd Jeff King and two very average TE's in Jim Dray and Korey Sperry; besides stealing a player out from under the nose of a arrogant Seattle team gives me joy.

Round 6 - The cardinals experience the Risk-it portion of the "No Risk-it No Biscuit" motto and BPA pays off. After doubling down on TE's with their last two picks; It's now time to double down on running backs.

6-174: The re-selection here is Latavius Murray: Murray, a talented running back from a small school, has a high upside as a runner and would have been a good practice squad candidate in-lieu of carrying 5 backs on the roster. Instead they risked the selection of Ryan Swope with the first of their two 6 round selections at pick 174 and this dizzy selection is now a retired football player.

6-187: The re-selection here is Andre Ellington: Ellington, who everyone is now familiar with, is the 6th round pick received from Minnesota. Given his offensive production with the Cardinals thus far, there's no way you don't make this pick again.

Round 7 - They were "moving on up" with the wrong Jefferson.

7-219: The re-selection here is Tony Jefferson: I have been a Tony Jefferson fan since before Tony Jefferson was a Cardinal. As we've seen, he's an excellent tackler and very good against the run. It's a good thing we got him as a UDFA as he's already been a major contributor to this swarming Cardinals defense. Instead the Cards went with the other Jefferson who has been a major project and has yet to see any significant snaps.

This re-draft finds the Cardinals with an improved offensive line, a very athletic TE group, some RB depth, the top two DROY candidates, a pair of very good tackling safeties and more importantly; a group of draft picks that impact this team at every level this year.

This is what the Cardinals should strive to do every year; select players who will make an impact their rookie year, fill a need and provide good value at their relative position. No projects. No blindfolds.

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2013 NFL Draft Results Reference:

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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