NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: No more undefeated teams

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A few teams are rising to the top but the middle of the pack refuses to relinquish teams easily, resulting in a bunched formation of 6-4/5-5 teams vying for wildcard berths. The Week 12 Power Rankings are here:

1: Seattle Seahawks (10-1): Last week 2.

On top, the Seahawks are the cream of the NFL crop. Home field advantage, a solid run game and an ever improving Russell Wilson make this the team to beat.

2: Denver Broncos (9-1): Last week 3.

Peyton Manning was untouched Sunday night as he and the Broncos beat the last undefeated team in the Chiefs. Note to the rest of the NFL, if Peyton has time to make sandwiches while in the pocket, you will lose.

3: New Orleans Saints (8-2): Last week 4.

It came on a late field goal but the Saints stymied the visiting 49ers. Drew Brees and Sean Payton are back on track for another post season run.

4: Kansas City Chiefs (9-1): Last week 1.

Andy Reid and Alex Smith played it safe. Unfortunately, the defense didn't step up and the Chiefs lost for the first time in 2013. Now that the undefeated watch is over, they can focus on football.

5: Indianapolis Colts (7-3) : Last week 5.

They won but didn't move up or down. Andrew Luck is still showing some growing pains. While I like the Colts, they struggled to win games contenders win.

6: Carolina Panthers (7-3): Last week 7.

Look out NFL, the Panthers are on fire. Cam Newton looked every bit the player the Panthers hoped they were drafting. Having just knocked off Tom Brady, the cats are on the prowl.

7: New England Patriots (7-3): Last week 6.

Ouch. Perhaps Tom Brady and the Patriots are mortal after all. Unless things change drastically they are playoff bound, but depth, that's a different question.

8: Cincinnati Bengals (7-4): Last week 10.

A battle of the Ohio teams, and the Bengals top the Browns. Contenders beat the teams they're supposed to beat, and this win has the Bengals all alone at the top of the AFC North.

9: Chicago Bears (6-4): Last week 11.

So, the Chicago Bears. Are they capable of winning without Jay Cutler? Josh McCown believes so as he and the rest of the team took out the Ravens.

10: San Francisco 49ers (6-4): Last week 9.

Last year the 49ers were dominating everyone en route to a Super Bowl spot. This year the Sophomore slump has Colin Kaepernick against the ropes, and as the QB goes so does the team.

11: Philadelphia Eagles (6-5): Last week 16.

Michael Vick who? I'm not sure Nick Foles is the guy Chip Kelly pictured when he brought his offense to the Eagles but you can't argue with results.

12: Arizona Cardinals (6-4): Last week 17.

Arizona moves up with a win against the Jaguars that saw Carson Palmer throw for over 400 yards and Michael Floyd have a breakout game.

13 Detroit Lions (6-4): Last week 8.

Sure they dropped a game to Pittsburgh, but with Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson paired up, I'm willing to bet that was a hiccup.

14: Dallas Cowboys (5-5): Last week 14.

Yay for a bye at a time to get healthy. No movement up or down for the Cowboys, and the division is still within reach if Tony Romo can avoid choke form.

15: New York Giants (4-6): Last week 20.

Watch the Giants sneak into the playoff somehow and end up Super Bowl champs. Hey, it's happened before.

16: Baltimore Ravens (4-6): Last week 15.

Joe Flacco signed that huge contract and now the Ravens are nowhere near their performance of last year.

17: Green Bay Packers (5-4): Last week 12.

Scott Tolzien, welcome to the NFL. Side note, this ain't Wisconsin anymore. The rookie QB starting for the injured Aaron Rodgers ran into the Giants' defense. Ouch.

18: Miami Dolphins (5-5): Last week 23.

The Dolphins beat the Chargers after dropping to the Buccaneers the week prior. This team appears to yo-yo back and forth, and the outside drama isn't helping at all.

19: St. Louis Rams (4-6): Last week 19.

Another bye week team. Sam Bradford is still out and the season, but don;t sleep on the Rams, who give as good as they get.

20: Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6): Last week 21.

The Steelers pick up a win against Detriot. Ben Roethlisberger played lights out ball and the rest of the team rose to the occasion.

21: New York Jets (5-5): Last week 13.

Wow. Just wow. Schizophrenic comes to mind when someone mentions the Jets in a sentence. How can a team be on both ends of the spectrum in a weeks span? Ask Rex Ryan I suppose.

22: San Diego Chargers (4-6): Last week 18.

Phillip Rivers and company couldn't go cross country and pull out a win vs the Dolphins. Sometimes it happens that way.

23: Oakland Raiders (4-6): Last week 25.

The Raiders went from the Terrelle Pryor to Matt McGloin, aka McLovin. And what did McLovin do but bring the Raiders a W. Where to go from here?

24: 22) Cleveland Browns (4-6): Last week 22.

The losers of the Ohio bowl, the Browns are in a sad state of affairs as they start the descent into cellar dweller realm.

25: Tennessee Titans (4-6): Last week 24.

Injuries have hurt this team, but still they put up a fight. Just ask Andrew Luck and the Colts, who survived the Titans by 3.

26: Buffalo Bills (4-7): Last week 27.

E.J. Manuel made my Jets pick a loser last week. It moves them up a spot in the rankings, but nowhere near where the Bills would like to be I'm certain.

27: Houston Texans (2-8): Last week 26.

Once again a team that on paper looks great, but when they take the field are awful. Is Matt Schaub done after this year and who is his successor if that is the case?

28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8): Last week 31.

The Buccaneers pick up win #2 thanks to the hapless Falcons. Notice now that Josh Freeman is gone how the drams in Tampa has subsided? Just saying.

29: Washington Redskins (3-7): Last week 28.

Another loss and now the Robert Griffin III dig at the Shanahans. How do they right this ship?

30: Atlanta Falcons (2-8): Last week 29.

I can't fathom how a team that looks so good on paper can be so bad on the field. What am I missing?

31: Minnesota Vikings (2-8): Last week 30.

I'm not sure if things ca get any worse in Minnesota, QB carousel and none of the options are pretty.

32: Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9): Last week 32.

First place in the Bridgewater race. O wait, that's last place in the NFL.

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