A Little College Prospect Update/Debate

Despite the Cardinals current 3 game win streak, every week fans (and teams) are debating on how to make their team better. In my free time, I’ve began watching some game film of some college prospects that could be interesting come draft time for the Cardinals! Besides, what fan doesn’t like talking about draft time and the offseason?? Anyways, I digress, here are some prospects who I believe could be some good pick-ups for the Cards come draft time.

Vic Beasley – OLB

This kid just plays fast and aggressive. He’s a little undersized, but with one of the best strength coaches in football adding on 15 lbs wouldn’t be that hard or detrimental as long as he keeps his fiery first step and quickness off the edge. He has the combination of power and speed; he may only weigh 225 but he can push a LT on his heels all the way back to the QB and can beat you off the edge… potentially be a first round pick available in the late teens early 20s if the Cards keep winning.

Michael Sam – OLB

Again, an undersized (6’2’’) Sam is a pure speed rusher. He relies purely on this ability to get to the QB. If he’s not able to go around a tackle, then he sort of gets stonewalled, however, he does have the ability and quickness to go across the face of any offensive lineman and make a play. He faces many double teams and still gets sacks in a lot of the games he plays. He has a relentless motor and is in every play. Could be reasonable consideration for a third round pick if he’s on the board.

Gabe Jackson – OG

Jackson in a menace, against one of the best D-Lines in college football (LSU) he stonewalled almost every defender he faced. He has the ability to pull and be athletic and is a monster in the pass game. Also a late first/early second round consideration could help bolster the Cards interior line and give them two Pro Bowl capable guards to build upon.

Arie Kouandjio – OG

Brother of LT for Alabama Cyrus Kouandjio, Arie is much better suited for a guard. He has great instincts in the pass game, knowing when to pass off a blocker and has the footwork to succeed in the NFL if he decides to declare for the draft. He also possesses the ability to pull around in tight spaces and open holes for the run game. Again could be a mid-round wonder to solidify the line for years to come.

Aaron Colvin – CB

Cornerback has been somewhat of a weakness for our vaunted defense. Powers has done well this season, however he just gives up too many catches and too many yards after. Colvin plays in a pass happy Big 12, and against one of the better passing teams, Baylor, he absolutely stood out. He has amazing instincts and ball skills as well as foot speed to catch up when getting beat. He seems to be in almost every play, sort of like the Honey Badger (heard of him?) Frist round talent could easily slide to the second round. Wouldn’t mind having another shut down corner to go with an already amazing defense, would you?

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? GO!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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