Carson Palmer, the next Kurt Warner? - yes

I am not regular to the blog. For last two or three years have been dropping by at the end of the season. But I can't stop myself...

See: Palmer post

To gloat (at least at this potentially fleeting juncture) and expand...

I always liked idea of bringing in Palmer because he can pass. I know that sounds simple, but alas it is not (see *). Last year, Palmer passed for 4000+ yards, 22 TDs, 14 INTS. By that, he's sort of below average as a whole. I like him getting another 4000 yards this year, more than 22 TDs (on pace to get 23.3), but considering his 14 INTs so far, probably a few more than that. It will be enough to get the Cardinals to be ABLE to end hot (no guarantee), and when you can pass, you can win. In fact, it could be said the offense for first part of the season was tad more problematic than the previous year's Raiders [interesting note: Palmer took over in 2011 for Raiders, who stank, played 10 games - very similar numbers to this year through 10 games (numbers at this point not updated) ]. But given a better team from the beginning (as seen by Week 1 and recently), I think Palmer would be on the OUTSIDE of the MVP race (something to the degree of Phillip Rivers.) Want to point out I said outside.

Palmer only has one or two more years max. Just like Warner, this is likely at best a two year show. I like the idea of getting a QB in a 2nd round (if not the 1st, considering our holes are not so bad other than O-line) the draft or free agency in the next year to understudy for that moment (see post-Warner Cardinals.)

Until then, should be fun. I think these Cardinals are in an interesting spot. They have a shot of being 11-5 and arguably the best overall Cardinals team ever (for sure since AZ w/o question). At the same time, they might not make the playoffs even if they finish 10-6. The NFL is tough, but got enjoy that in Week 13 against the NFC East leaders, we'll be favored.

*From last year, in raw number he was quality. He was 10th in yards, tied for 15th in TDs with Flacco and good Schaub, one behind Andrew Luck who was the 11-5 Colts offense. This year at the end of the week, should be 9th at this point in yards, tied for 11th with TDs (with next week's opponent Nick Foles). There is a lot of emphasis on x-factors in QBs - QBR, clutchness, leadership blah blah. All important, but numbers are numbers. Look at passer ratings from last year, there is not one QB ahead of Palmer (he was 16th) that cannot be called very good (again Flacco and Schaub current woes withstanding). Yet he was ditched for bupkis and considered a mistake for Raiders. (just random aside against Raiders - how's Pryor doing (obviously pre-injury & not saying he doesn't have future potential) - ahead in Passer Rating to only 3 qualified QBs, ready? Geno Smith, Josh Freeman, and Brandon Weeden...ouch). I didn't get the complaints about him. It was garbage time? Ok, if garbage time in the NFL is like taking a stroll to the end of the driveway - please explain why no one else on a bad team got close to Palmer's numbers. He's a good quarterback. Pretty simple.

As noted Palmer's first 10 games at Raider, similar to first 10 in AZ. This is the floor of Carson Palmer. Not great, but not shabby. Hopefully continues to get better.

2011 10 games 199 328 60.7% 2,753 yards
16INT 1Fum 59.7QBR 80.5Rating
2013 10 224 358 62.6 2,573 14 15 4 47.6 79.7

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