Playoffs? (Updated)

First off honestly, I thought of the Panthers, 49ers, and Cardinals games that the surest win was the AZ. That's why they play the games.

Nonetheless, we won as did Carolina and San Francisco. [And we will have to win out to make the playoffs.]

That leaves 3 (really 4 see later that the Saints potentially could be a Wild Card or even not make the playoffs) teams for the last two Wild Cards.

[Aside: Technically if Detroit wins Monday Night against the Ravens (which would be impressive b/c the Ravens are now scary good - say what about their close win of the Vikings last week? Please call Chip Kelly on how easy the Vikings are at this point), then both them and the Bears could be 10-6 at the end. It's not going to happen (i.e. both 10-6 + all the crazy things that will need to be done if that is even possible to begin with for two NFC North teams in the playoffs), so the party has 3 teams and two seats.]

Panthers (currently 10-4, 5th seed, Wild Card) play next week home agains the Saints, then conclude away @ the Falcons. Now that the Saints lost to the Rams, the next game will be for the all AFC South marbles once again. On the bright side, no matter what for the Cardinals if they win against the Seahawks, they will wake up the morning of their last game alive for the playoffs. This is because no matter who loses NO vs. Car., the loser will be 10-5 with potential to lose their last game and be 10-6 enabling a hypothetical 11-5 Cardinals to move past. New Orleans last week is home against Tampa Bay. Now though both are 4-10 at the moment, the Bucs are playing better but the Falcons can be good. The Bucs only lost early on in the season (when they stank) to the Saints 16-14. The Falcons got beat pretty bad against the Panthers. I don't know. It's odd be a sports fan. Cardinals fans can cheer for either side based on each fan's analysis who will be more likely to lose their last week.

49ers (currently 10-4) - Monday Night at home to the Falcons, @ the Cardinals. Let me first say, it would be really nice if they lost this week. If so, the Seahawks would have everything sealed up, and not be playing for anything. Instead, the Seahawks have to win one more. Ok, so next week agains the Falcons. As far things falling into place, the Cardinals would really like a Falcons victory. Could that happen? Well on one side, no. The Falcons are not great and last handily to the Cards and Seahawks (both 49esque). However, I believe the Falcons would love to (almost) end the season beating the team that kept them out of Super Bowl by potentially stopping them from making the playoffs. It's possible.

As seen, the Cards are now in the unlikely category. I think their best bet is for New Orleans to lose their last two games (both losses are more probable than the Cards beating the Seahawks) and that'd mean a team that as of this week was still looking for a 1st place seed will not make the playoffs. Things happens. Why not?

As McCownDungus said on the last post, if the Falcons win only one of their last two games (assuming NO beats Carolina), and the Cardinals win out also. We're in. If the Cards beat Seattle next week on Sunday, I think the Monday Night game thread should be overflowing with comments. Let's go Matty Ice!

Playoff Odds: (will update after Monday)

Another odds (already updated) : (currently 5.8%)

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