Shameless in Seattle

Well here it is the most meaningful game for the Cards in years and of course it is against one of the most feared teams in America according to the ESPN talking heads and it is at there home turf. So obviously we have to make a hate thread for what could possibly be the last meaningful game of the season.

So let me get this one started!

I moved to the North West almost ten years ago, I have slowly learned to hate the Shehawks as a team and their fans as well. Don't get me wrong this has all been in the making for quite some time now. My hate actually started back in the old Sun Devil stadium days where me and my buddy would wait till right before kickoff to buy our tickets off a scalper at a supper low rate. Back then I would spend my Sundays watching my team find endless ways to lose games. If there was some incredibly new way to drop a game, they would surely figure it out.

Along the way I figure I have been mocked by just about every team's fans that came through that stadium. Denver, Rams, Niners, Bears, Raiders and of course the worse of all Cow dung Fans. I will never forget walking out from the stadium only to turn around and see some idiots hanging a banner that said " welcome to Dallas Cowboys stadium, Phoenix AZ". Yeah to say I have taken my lumps is an understatement, I mean what can I say, they all have teams that have one thing in common Championships!

Enter the " north west triangle" a bizarre place where greatness is not measured by championships, no here greatness is achieved by screaming so loud for attention you actually get in the Guinness Book of records. While most people outside the "triangle" actually respect others for there accomplishments, here the only thing that matters only goes as far back as the last time their team won. Anything prior to the 58-0 drubbing never existed, that "would be living in the past" including the loss at AZ, well that is explained because " Pete Carroll hadn't opened up the playbook yet". Look when I first moved here I thought these guys were "out there" and a little jawing was all right but now I can't take it anymore. I refuse to let some fans who have never won anything mock me or my team anymore, Shehawk fans have officially moved down to "total D- bags" in my book.

Speaking of D-Bags what about their team! I used to never be bothered by them, heck I was super mad we didn't take Shaun Alexander in the draft. But now they have a bunch of loud mouth idiots playing for them, the "legion of boom" just takes the cake. You know if they just let their play on the field do the talking it wouldn't be so bad, but these guys just can't shut up. The truth is if the refs would actually throw a flag every once in a while these guys wouldn't be that good.

Speaking of not that good how about Pete Carroll, are any of you actually surprised his players piss dirtier than a pregnant hooker on crack? Everywhere this guy goes he leaves a trail of slime dragging behind him. He makes politicians look like saints. The one thing we all know about "Slick Petey" is sooner or later the party crashes and he is always on the first flight out of town.

So what do you guys hate about the Seachicks? Feel free to vent below!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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