Told You So: Arizona Cardinals Would Defeat the Seattle Seahawks (On just this past Tuesday, by the way.)

(This is tongue in cheek.)

So, just a few days ago I made a prediction that the Cardinals would win this Sunday in Seattle.

Other than Alex Mann and Randy Fields - no one else believed. The other writers thought either it was plain that Seattle would win easily or in a best case scenario - the Seahawks would escape in a close one. No one could grasp their mind that Arizona could pull the upset. (And you can discount Alex and Randy because they picked the Browns over the Jets. Guys without a clue,evidently.) In reality, only I saw that a Cardinal victory and every other blogger on this site blew.

According to Shaun Church, I believe I'm the only one on the writing staff to correctly pick every AZ Card contest correctly, going 15-0. Therefore, I must be listened to - because without my guide, Jess' ATS picks would most likely go awry, Shaun's stats would be made up and Seth's draft pick prognostications, names drawn from a hat. Obviously. I am the all-knowing Andy the Caucasian and you shall respect my authority - even though my wife has also been drunk at a UPHO game. (Kinda proud, though. She normally doesn't puke more than twice at a game, unless pregnant.)

But I knew the Cardinals would win. I couldn't provide any tangible stats like Church would have like number of times Carson Palmer has grown a gingerly beard while providing ugly Christmas outfits for his lineman.

While still throwing for 3800 yards.

And while on a ankle and elbow sprain.

With the ankle sprain happening on a Wednesday and the ankle sprain on a Thursday. (Answer: Once.)

The point is, too many of the fans (?) on this site doubted that the Cardinals could win on Sunday. Their faith was blinded by what some would call "realism" that simply playing the NFL team with the best record at their stadium, a sure bet for a loss. Sometimes, you have to go beyond what your brain tells you and go with the heart. A huge heart that the team currently possesses - that grew three Grinch sizes on Sunday. This is a team I predicted 7-9 and am thrilled to death I was incorrect once again.

Guess, it sucks sometimes to be wrong. I've been there WAYYYY too many times before.

But, this instance, for once - I was correct.

And for the naysayers....

YOU can suck it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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