A look at the teams in hunt in the NFC


Panthers 9-4

Eagles 8-5

49ers 9-4

Cardinalss 8-5

Cowboys (Monday Night) 7-5

Panthers (currently 5th, 9-4): @Jets, vs. Saints, @ Falcons

I think all 3 games post issues to the Panthers. The Jets are getting better, and I feel they are desperate for a win @ home. The Falcons game is also no guarantee as its a divisional foe, and the Falcons want to finish strong on a terrible season. This is also a team new to winning, and after being hammered by the Saints, it'll be interesting to see their reaction. 10-6 (worst case) 12-4 (best case) - Likely 11-5.

Eagles (currently NFC East champs if Cowboys lose 2nite, 8-5): @Vikings, vs. Bears, @Cowboys.

Vikings are playing well, and it;ll be cold. Not sure AP's ability to play. Also not sure if Cutler plays in Week 16. I don't think they win out, but they don't lose more than 1. Likely 10-6.

49ers (currently 6th, 9-4): @Bucs, MNF vs. Falcons, @Cardinals

All three games could be challenge to a regular team, but the 49ers are playing well, really well. Worse Case (best case for Cards fans): 10-6 - perhaps losing against the Bucs that have been much approved or under the lights against the Falcons (wanting to end their season strong), then with a short week go to a determined Cards team to finish off. Best Case: 12-4. Likely: 11-5 (leaning a little).

Cards (8-5): @Titans, @Seahawks, vs. SF 49ers

Titans should be a win. The last two are tough. The Seahawks likely will already have the division and everything else wrapped up by then. 49ers will have a short week. Worse Case 9-7, Best Case 11-5 Likely 10-6.

Cowboys (7-5): Tonight @ Bears, vs. Packers, @Redskins, vs. Eagles

All 4 are winnable, but these are the Cowboys in December. Worse case: 9-7, Best Case and Likely 10-6.

If this is so, I have the 49ers (11-5) & Panthers (11-5) as Wild Card. Cowboys in over Eagles (even with Eagles win in last game, making both 10-6). If let's say the Panthers lost in the last week to Falcons. Still Eagles get in as 6th. If Panthers and 49ers are 11-5, even if Cards are 11-5 not getting in. (Panthers beat 49ers earlier in season).

Only way is Eagles (or Cowboys) fall apart (9-7). Or 10-6 if Cards can end up 11-5.

And the Panthers end up 9-7 (with Cards 10-6, loss to Seahawks). Or 10-6 (Card 11-5 win out).

All scenarios from

The Cards currently (see have a 12% chance before this week, should be around that going into next. Go Jets! Go Bucs! Go Vikings!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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