Arians, Combine, Draft and QB

This of the best times of the year. The combine and draft are just around the corner every fan is filled with hope and excitement over that one player that will lift their franchise to new heights. So I figured I would weight in with my opinion and hopes for this off season.

Front office-

Initially I did not like the Arians or Kiem hiring. I felt that Kiem was part of the old regime and would be Rod Graves part 2. But he has wowed me. He seems like a real good football guy and I love his plan for building the franchise. Drafting QB's frequently is a great plan and I am hopeful that he will be using picks on the lines.

It was not so much that I did not like hiring Arians I just really wanted to see us hire Horton. But as things progressed Horton seems emotional and almost immature. Not immature like Jim Harbaugh, but immature like he was not ready for a head coaching job and I am now glad we did not hire him. Arians himself has impressed me and I like his confidence and that he has a plan that he has been building for years. What sold me though was his ability to bring in Moore and Pratt. The FO has stepped up allowing for more assistant coaches to hired. This is important because of the new CBA that allows for less practice (contact) time.

Combine/Draft -

I love the combine. Always amazed at how big, strong and fast the guys are. I am curious to see who hurts or helps their stock. That being said I really hope that we take advantage of this draft and add some big uglies. I truly believe that football teams are built inside out. You start with your lines and move out. I want to see Oline first and second round and dline in the 3rd unless somebody falls to us.

My oline big board is as follows:

Jockel, Fisher, Warmack, Cooper, Warford, B. Jones.

I feel that these guys are the top tier and that there is a significant drop off after these guys at their positions. And here are some guys that might be available in the 3rd for

d line:

Margus Hunt- 6-8, 277, DE, former track and field athlete. Huge upside.

Cornellius Carradine: 6-4, 260ish, DE, heard someone say he might be the best pure pass rusher in the draft. could give us a rush OLB for 3-4 who would allow us to be scheme diverse if we wanted to do some 4-3 as an end.

Devin taylor: 6-7, 275, DE, big upside, another CC type guy.

This draft is loaded on the lines and I think we need to be patient, build a good Oline and add some young guys to our d line (eason, dockett, holiday). A lot of these guys would be 2nd or maybe even 1rst rounders in other years.

Leave the QB situation alone and shore up the lines. I would love a scenario like fisher @ 7 then get Cooper or Warford in the 2nd. We cut Synder and Colledge, Freeing up about 7 million in cap space, move Levi to RG where he can help coach up Massie, put Fisher at LT, and Warford at LG. Instantly our line gets better, cheaper, younger and give this coaching staff full of O line guys some tools to show their stuff. This will make our running game better as well as our QB play. I do not think this will turn the fortune of our franchise but it will solidify our Oline so we can protect a franchise QB when we get one.


Do not draft one or spend big on one in FA. Roll with Kolb and Skelton. I am not a fan of either of them but there are no QB's in this draft better than them (at least not so much better than them that they would justify a 7th overall selection). restructure Kolb and get a nice amount of cap space so we are ready for next off season when we find our Franchise QB.

Go Cards

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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