Arizona Cardinals Free Agency / Mock Draft - Th best possible forecast

Now that The Front Office and Coaching staff has been established. it is time to forecast free agency and the draft. I have seen the combine performances of almost every group apart from the DB's. Bruce Arians and Steve Keim are already throwing smoke screens about the Matt Barkley story. There is no way this front office makes the same mistake as the previous. Time for this team to move in new direction.

Expected Player Improvements:

ROLB- Sam Acho: Acho had solid 2012 season but he will be much better in 2013. He is a complete outside linebacker and should take his game to next level like Darryl Washington did in 2012. I notice Arians added a coach in Tom Pratt, who will be the pass-rush specialist and I believe he will coach Acho extremely well and get 10+ Sacks out of him this season.

Free Agency!!!!

OLB- SHAUN PHILLIPS: There have been some rumours that he would like to come to Arizona. He would be good welcome presence and a force off the edge and can help tutor Acho into becoming a dominant pass-rusher. Acho is our most complete outside linebacker but he needs to work on his pass rushing moves and technique in order to consis5ently get pressure and 10+ sacks a season, which I believe he is capable of doing.


R 1 - LT ERIC FISHER: I believe that this is the best Left Tackle in the draft. I was unimpressed with Joeckel's combine performance and after the dominance that Fisher showed at Senior Bowl and Combine and on his game tape. I believe he will be the better of the two at the pro level. Joeckel will be picked first because he played in the SEC behind an excellent mobile QB and looked great doing it . Alternative Pick- RG Chance Warmack or DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah if both Fisher, Joeckel and Warmck are gone before 7th pick, I say we pick the athletic freak Ziggy Ansah. With excellent caoching from pass rush specialist coach Tom Pratt, He can become a huge star.

R 2- C/G/T- BARRET JONES: This smart, tough, versatile Bama OL player will be available to us in round two since he did not work out at the combine. H e could become one of the steals of the draft. drafting him and eric fisher improves our O-Line immediately and make us soo much better on offense.

R3- QB TYLER BRAY: This 6'6 220 ( will add about 20 pounds more once drafted ) is the most physically gifted passer in the draft. In 3 years from now, He will be talked about as the steal of the draft. He is a huge arm and is a natural thrower. His Mechanics needs to be completely polished in order for him to reach his true Potential. I think back to when GB drafted A-Rod and completely groomed him especially from his mechanics and he waited 2-3 seasons behind Favre. With our improved o-line, we can start Kolb for 2 years whiles grooming Bray to take over.

R4- CB/FS/SS TYRANN MATHIEU: I believe the one place in NFL that the HoneyBadger will thrive is in arizona whereby he can be our Troy Polamalu. He won't have great measurables but his instincts and play making ability is the best in this years defensive back class. he and Patrick Peterson will dominate the secondary. he will be a great nickel corner.

Thats my two scents!!! folks

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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