ROTB Roundtable: Top Priority, Combine, and Alex Smith

Joe Robbins

With the Combine wrapped up, new questions have just started pouring in.

The ROTB Writing Staff tackled three of these.

Don't forget to answer them yourselves in the comments below!

1) Which player is a top priority for retaining?

Tyler Nickel: I'd say it has to be Greg Toler. The secondary is already really thin and Toler still has some upside to be a really good corner across from Patrick Peterson.

Alex Mann: Got to be Greg Toler. I'm not sure what the coaching staff thinks about William Gay, but as we saw last year, he's no better than Greg Toler. Yes Toler did struggle but I give him the benefit of the doubt after he missed all of 2011. But Toler did come on strong at the end of the season.

Cdeveau: I would say the Hyphen, but that's my mind set, and doesn't appear to be what the organization is thinking. Past that, I have to agree with Alex when he says Greg Toler. Toler is physical, has all the tools, and is still on the upside.

2) As the combine wraps up, who were you most impressed with, and who was the biggest disappointment?

Tyler Nickel: I was really impressed with Christine Michael, running back from Texas A&M. He led his group in many categories and seems to be a perfect mixture of strength and speed.

As far as disappointments, Manti Te'o comes to mind. While he was good in his interviews, his 40 time of 4.87 is a bit slow. Many look at guys like Terrell Suggs and say how 40's don't matter, but Suggs isn't a MLB that is expected to be all over the field. Suggs rushes the passer and needs a good initial burst, not overall speed to get across the field like Te'o will. I think Manti slips quite a bit come draft day.

Alex Mann: Matt Scott... The Quarterback from Arizona looked good all season and really impressed me with his combine performance. His short to intermediate throws were delivered with a zip, and left his hand quickly. While his deep throws wavered, he still has the arm to get them there.

Cdeveau: Most impressed with? Solid question. No one had the flashing neon sign that said look at me no one else, but there were a few guys in the pack that looked good. Lane Johnson, OT was one of those. As for disappointing, how about the knucklehead duo from LSU, Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo. Pay for play indeed.

3) Where do you think Alex Smith will end up?

Tyler Nickel: Kansas City. It's the logical destination. He can work within the West Coast offense, which he excels in and he gets to work with Andy Reid, a great QB coach. It just makes too much sense.

Alex Mann: Kansas City. I like Matt Cassel, but Andy Reid is looking to start fresh at QB, and Alex Smith can do that for him. KC has two good Runningbacks, a solid option at WR, and a LT in Luke Joeckel who will be arriving come April.

Cdeveau: Kansas City makes sense to me, another locale could be Cleveland. But it will all come down to who sells their soul the most for a B quarterback.

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