Cards Taking A Whiz Again?

In a lot of Arizona Cardinal fan's eyes, this NFL free agency period hasn't started off on the right foot. In fact, some fans have decided that the recent signings have been more of one of those high school lines when the the football jock sticks a leg out underneath a freshman carrying his food tray and let's out a "Have a nice trip? See you in the fall!" kind of joke. Everybody wants to be a comedian, yet no one wants to be the punchline.

In a way, that's the 2013 Cardinals. The NFL salary cap is bullying the team into taking a fall for the overpriced contracts that Rod Graves (and Steve Keim -I'm pointing a finger at you, also) that are now "forcing" the Cards to extend knee and not extend salaries of Adrian Wilson, Kerry Rhodes, Greg Toler and such. The team is regarded as in rebuilding as much as ever.

Meanwhile, San Francisco receives Anquan Boldin on a platter of a sixth round choice (REALLY?), continues to be in the Darelle Revis sweepstakes. Seattle gets Percy Harvin and Cliff Avril and the Rams (who finished higher in the standings) have Jeff Fisher and a ton of draft picks.

Face it, the Arizona Cardinals are the 2013 punchline of the NFC West. And with the lack of potential game-changing FAs signed so far, they may be crying over spilled milk for a while.

With the last coaching change, back in 2007 when Ken Whisenhunt took over for Dennis Green, he made massive changes with the roster - some good, some bad, but like Brice Arians seems to be doing - cleaning house and ala Frank Sinatra, doing it his way.

In 2007, Whiz's first offseason, the team re-signed Monty Beisel and Marcel Shipp - that would be good.

Also re-signed Chris Cooper and Hanik Milligan (don't ask, assuming it was a three hour tour of duty) - that would be bad.

Let Troy Walters and Chris Lewinski sign with other teams - most excellent.

Let Leonard Davis and Antonio Smith leave - most bogus.

Signed FAs Mike Gandy and Ralph Brown - serviceable players.

Signed FAs Brad Badger and Chucky Okobi -yep, right up there with the Bertrand Berry/Kurt Warner inks.

So, in the early voting, where precincts are reporting, is the Bruce Arians' rookie offseason going the way of Ken Whisenhunt's?

Or are we just being geek-tripping bullies?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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