interesting offseason

Well, I am surprised that there have not been more fanposts about this offseason. So maybe I can get a trend started here. These are my thoughts on what we have done so far.


ADUB: It hurts real bad that A Dub is gone. Definitely an all time Card. But we want to get younger. I really do not like this move but think it shows some good things about Kiem. This is a move that good teams make, they put aside loyalties and feelings and do what is best for the franchise long term. It is just dissappointing that wilson had talked about legacy and taken a pay cut and everything to stick around but we still cut him.

Rhodes: Again, do not love this move but it is done and we are moving forward. I see both of these moves hurting us this year but being good for us in a few years. I think we have a strong core of young players (PP,CC, Dwash, Massie, Housler, Roberts, Floyd, etc) that can go through a rebuild. This move would have had to have happened with rhodes sooner or later and sooner is good.

Bradley- PEACE! Glad we could make you part of the 1% for nothing but 1 sack dance in return.

Kolb- I hope we cut him and take the salary cap hit this year. then Next offseason we have cap space to pay PP and make so moves. This thing is going to take a few years.

FA Leaving:

Toler is the one I will miss, but not at 5mil a year. That is why we need to re-up with players a year before their deal is done. Last offseason we could have signed to probably a 5 year 15 mil contract.

Love LSH but if he does not fit the scheme, let him walk.

Groves: Nice rotational player fro hortons D. He is smart to go with Horton.

Other than that: do not care.


Bell: tail end of his career. Is an obvious, cheap stopgap at the safety position. ok signing

Lorenzo: Like it. I do not know too much about him. Is he the thumper that we are hoping to pair with Dwash? or is he just a SP'teamer.

Stanton: Not a fan of this move. But he is quite cheap and should free up cap room for the future, while providing a competent backup and hopefully he never has to start for us.

mendenhall: I see a lot of people thinking this guy is just like Beanie. I do not see it. mendenhall has more wiggle and looks like a better all around back. He pass protects better than Beanie.

Powers: Like him. Sounds like a great nickel corner, especially at the price. This is my favorite signing of our offseason.

I would love to see us pursue Dumervil. just saying.

All in all I think this year is all about us getting our cap in a good spot for next year. I would love to see us unload other big salaries like snyder and try to throw as much money against fitz's contract as possible. Based on something I saw on PFF the cards under-performed based on salary vs. performance by like -29 mil. lets fix that. I honestly hate to say it, but see if their is a market for Fitz. I feel like we owe it to him to play with a real nfl QB. Could you imagine him in NE? Anyways, it is going to be a rough year Cards fans. We are trimming, nay, slicing the fat and getting the team set up for a rebuild. It sucks, but is kind of exciting at the same time. Things often get worse before they get better.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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