Say hello to three new ROTB staff writers

Christian Petersen

A couple of weeks ago, I solicited more help for the writing staff. After responding, writing an assignment and going through the process, we now have three new members to give thoughts on the front page and content for the site.

Here they are: RedC, Handsome Bert and dlp4gto.

In part, our daily Bird Droppings post will be handled by one or more of them. They will also give us their perspectives for gameday coverage and analysis, as well as weekly content.

Let's get to know them.


Like most Arizona Cardinals fans, they weren't my first team. Until they arrived, my team was the Baltimore Colts, because I idolized Johnny Unitas. I even copied his throwing motion. Then, they moved, and the owner's name became a filthy curse word in my home, never to be spoken or heard again. When the Cards arrived, the Colts became my AFC team (once they changed conferences), and the Cards my NFC team. I care a lot about the Cards. Too much, my family says. I'm depressed when they lose (so I've been depressed quite a few Monday mornings since 1988). I've been conducting my therapy by making snarky comments for the past few years, especially on Revenge of the Birds. So I'm happy to continue, now as a staff writer!

Handsome Bert:

My name is Robert Norman. I'm a graduate of Baylor University with a double major of Film / Theater Arts. I have lived most of my life in Arizona, but only started to avidly follow the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns about 2005. I joined SB Nation, Bright Side of the Sun, and Revenge of the Birds in 2010. I look forward to being a consistent contributor with the rest of the ROTB staff.


My screen name is "RedC." I started playing Madden back in 2006 or so and my love for football (and the Cardinals) developed quickly from there. I was pleasantly surprised when the team made the playoffs in 2008 and blown away when it turned into a Super Bowl run. I underestimated Kurt Warner, but then, who didn't? Watching the game with a bunch of Steelers fans in my buddy's dorm room made the defeat sting that much more but the season had been a fantastic journey and I was happy with my new sport.

I eventually made my way to Revenge of the Birds (in 2009 with the horrendous screen name "tw3kr") through occasional plugs from ESPN's NFC West blog, and have been hooked ever since. Many of you have probably seen me around in comments and FanPosts. I am delighted to join the RotB team and look forward to adding my work to SB Nation's quality content.


Personally, I am thrilled to have more guys aboard. The site will be better as a result. I love this site and, while I feel good about what I have done, I know that more voices is probably a better thing. Thanks for bearing with me and please welcome our new staff.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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