Arizona Cardinals will be much better for long time starting in 2014!!!

The current Front Office and coaching staff seems to making the right decisions so far in this offseason. The only decision I wish they would've done better was the release of Adrian Wilson but that decision could pay off for both parties. A-Dub is a cardinal through and through and having joined the Patriots, I hope he can win his SB Ring, which will seal his status as a HOF player and join the 35/35 club ( 35 sacks and 35 interceptions of which Ray Lewis is the only member).

GM Steve Kiem:- Steve Kiem seems to be making all the right moves so far and saving cap room for 2014 year. The cardinals are signing players in free agency who have the potential to become huge impact players. The players they've signed so far have had success and some regression. They are all on a "prove it" contract and would be extended if they play well and get AZ into the playoffs or a wining season at 9-7.


Bruce Arians played QB in college and has been successful in coaching and molding QB's. Here is an interview by Bruce Arians and STACK whereby he shares his philosophy of QB's:

STACK: What do you believe makes a player an exceptional quarterback?

Arians: It's easy to see arm strength, height, weight, speed, velocity and accuracy, but that’s not what really makes a quarterback. What really sets him apart is the thing that is hardest to find: the brain muscle and the heart muscle. I call that the grit. The guys with the grit might not be the most talented, but when they step into a huddle, there's a leadership factor that when they say something everyone believes it. On the offense and defense as well. The guy you want leading your football team isn’t the biggest, strongest, fastest guy out there, but the one who is good enough and a leader of men. That part is very hard to evaluate unless you’ve been in the huddle with them.

STACK: How do you determine if a quarterback has "grit"?

Arians: I put them in situations where they’re in the huddle with me. Say things like, "Teach me your offense and make me believe that you know what you’re doing.” I’ll put them in a two-minute drill on a blackboard and ask them to show me a favorite third-and-five pass when the game is on the line. You’ll get a pretty good sense of their passion and intelligence for the game. If you feel this passion when they’re giving it to you, they probably have it.

STACK: What can a young quarterback do to develop "grit"?

Arians: Be the first one in line, first one in the building and the last to leave. Just learn how to lead. Some guys are born with it and some guys learn and develop it.

Most QB's that have had success in his offense has those qualities and are well built : heres is a lost of QB's Arians tutored or molded in NFL:

1. QB Tim Couch; 6'4 222 pounds - led Cleveland to playoffs in 2002 with BA as OC.

2. QB Peyton Manning: 6'5 230 pounds - One of the greatest of all time.

3. QB Ben Roethlisberger : 6'5 241 pounds - One of best in the game and already 2-time SB Champion.

4. QB Andrew Luck: 6'4 234 pounds : outstanding rookie season and poised to be one of the best.

Bruce likes his QB's well built and thats why we signed Drew Stanton, QB's that can take hits (not necessarily sacks) and are tough. Hes always had big and well built QB's who possess the qualities that he likes to see. I can see Kevin Kolb (6'3 218) coming back but he would not last long in BA offense since I know he will get hurt again even with tremendous improved o-line play. Kolb is a little undersized and if he doesn't come back, Drew Stanon ( 6'5 235 pounds) would take the reigns and I believe even he can lead this team to an 8-8 record or 9-7 record.


*The Arizona Cardinals would not draft a QB at number 7th overall pick or in the 2nd Round. Bruce brought Drew here to compete and have the chance to become a starter. Steve Kiem used to be a former O-Lineman and the way the free agency has gone for the cardinals. It looks like Arizona wants to build a tough defense and an aggressive offensive-line. With the 7th Overall Pick, The cardinals would go BPA, which has served the team very well. I can see the Cardinals either drafting LT Eric Fisher, or LT Luke Joeckel or OLB Dion Jordan ( if the Eagles pass him over) or OLB Jarvis Jones or OLB/DE Ezekiel Ansah. The only QB I can see AZ drafting is Matt Barkley and that is if AZ sends GM Steve Kiem, HC BA and majority of staff to watch his pro day and if he shines and also demonstrates that he has the arm strength to make throws especially intermediate with velocity. Matt Barkley is different from all USC QB's ever been in NFL, Leinart had a great team around him at USC and thats why he succeeded.

* Here is the hunch and I hope it does not happen, but if Arizona draft's a QB, it would likely be in the 3rd round and most likely be QB Tyler Bray ( 6'6 220 pounds) who is pure pocket passer with tremendous natural arm strength. I highly doubt that would happen because apart from the Physical Gifts that Tyler Bray possess, he does not seem to have the grit to be a winning NFL QB.


This is an early forecast to the 2014 NFL Draft, but it seems like Bruce Arians is not too fond of 2013 QB draft class. I can see Arians going for his QB and even trading up for him if he shines in his senior year and AZ has a winning season with Stanton/Kolb at QB.

Enter QB. Logan Thomas (6'6, 260 pounds), Virginia Tech- Bruce is a VT alumni and hearing how he was excited about Ryan Williams makes me believe he is loyal to his alma matta and is a frequent visitor. Logan Thomas can shut up draft boards if he has an exceptional or even solid senior season in VT. I compare him to Josh Freeman in his moxie and believes under BA in NFL, he will be great, If he can put up 3000+ passing yards and 25 TD's to 10 or less ints, he will be high first round pick

another QB to watch out for in 2014 is QB Zach Mettenberger ( 6'5, 225), LSU- Big Strong Armed QB who fits the bill.

Personally here is my 3 round mock draft for the Cardinals as we stand in 2013 NFL Draft:

R1- LT Eric Fisher or LT Luke Joeckel

R2 - ILB Kevin Minter or ILB Arthur Brown or DB Tyrann Mathieu

R3- OG / C - Barret Jones ( he will drop to 3rd round due to not working out at his pro day or combine)

Folks, thats my view so far , comment and let me know what you guys think

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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