3/27 Arizona Cardinals news: Pass rush, FA Board, Quarterback analysis


Your daily roundup of Arizona Cardinals and NFL news.

Seems the talk of Carson Palmer brought out a lot of reactions around the web. But first, an interesting look at potential draft pickups:


NFL Draft: Day 3 pass rushers - ArizonaSports.com
The problem becomes the Cardinals' needs and player value may not match up to the point where they address pass rusher early.

Free Agency By The Board - azcardinals.com
Keim, Cardinals adopt new list to track down target.

Does it make sense for Arizona Cardinals to show interest in Carson Palmer? - Kent Somers
Trading for Palmer doesn’t make sense for the Cardinals on any level. But based on past performance, Palmer would be an upgrade for the Cardinals.

Cardinals, Jaguars among teams still in search of quarterback - SBNation.com
The Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are among the teams still in need of a quarterback heading into the 2013-14 season.


NFL news roundup: Vince Young works out, Shaun Rogers gets robbed and more - SBNation.com
The pro day circuit continued on Tuesday and while NFL prospects await their chance to get into the league, one familiar face was working out for a chance back into the league.

Steelers rumors: Ahmad Bradshaw to visit Pittsburgh - SBNation.com
Free agent Ahmad Bradshaw is set to visit the running back-needy Pittsburgh Steelers, according to a report.

Taking stock: Two picks that became five - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A look at how the 49ers gained 14 picks for the upcoming 2013 Draft.

NFL - San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh more driven than ever - ESPN
Who doesn't want to read about a division rivals' head coach?

NFL 2013: 2nd year breakout candidates - SBNation.com
Miami's Ryan Tannehill and New England's Chandler Jones are two players that could step into the spotlight and have breakout seasons in 2013.

What would the Raiders do without Carson Palmer? - SBNation.com
Carson Palmer may soon be on his way out of Oakland. What would the Raiders do without their starting quarterback?

Falcons the latest NFL team to seek help from college teams - SBNation.com
The Falcons are looking for ways to stop mobile quarterbacks, and sat down with the Clemson coaching staff to see how their offense works.

Raiders offensive lineman is having a large offseason - SBNation.com
Jared Veldheer says it is arm day, because every day is arm day.

Robert Griffin III threw a football to an elephant - SBNation.com
The new market inefficiency is receivers that have trunks instead of hands.

Dolphins new logo: Miami's new look confirmed - SBNation.com
The new logo for the Miami Dolphins has been confirmed, and the team will officially unveil it on April 25.

Cowboys' Dez Bryant feels like 2,000 yards is possible
It's not that farfetched when you consider the pass defense of the NFC East teams.

Report: Gay NFL player rumored to be considering coming out - FOX Sports
New Orleans Saints LB Scott Fujita weighs in on the topic.

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