Rainy Day (Night) Discussion Thread

So with the "legal tampering" phase of free agency starting tonight, I figured we could take some time away talking about who the Cardinals would draft or why, and focus on free agency for a second. Now, we all know that you can’t buy a championship (see the eagles) but sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough that can make just enough of an impact to help your team to get to the next level.

Following the release of our beloved Adrian Wilson, that leaves SS as a need for the Cardinals in the upcoming season and with Kerry Rhodes and Justin Bethel the only safeties on the roster, I feel like it’s becoming an increasing need even if they do re-sign Rashad Johnson.

Now, we all know that the Cardinals have needs on both sides of the ball, some major and some minor. I find the following needs a major necessity for the upcoming season to be even somewhat successful:


And the minor are the following:


Now we all know we can’t fix every whole in free agency especially cause the Cards don’t have much cap room at the moment barring some restructuring of contracts here and there, mainly Kolb/Fitz/Snyder etc., etc.

Here are some players that I think could come into the organization and make a positive impact right away, and as always feel free to discuss and comment below:

Free Agents:


Chris Gamble
Someone to next to Patrick Peterson, another man cover corner that was released by Carolina not too long ago. Still feel he has some left in the tank if he can be signed at the right price

Antoine Cason
I don’t know much about Cason, but I know that during the Chargers deep playoff runs him and Quinten Jammer (another Charger free agent) were two of the best in the NFL.

Tracy Porter
The Saints Superbowl Hero that picked off Peyton Manning to seal the game for the Saints. Spent last season in Denver but was hurt halfway through the season and never made a huge impact for the Broncos.

Defensive Ends

There really aren’t that many 3-4 DE’s on the market right now so I feel like this position would better be filled through the draft if at all, if anyone has anybody in particular please feel free to comment below.

Inside Linebackers

Bart Scott
Scott, is a little on the older side, however a new change of scenery from New York could be what he needs. He doesn’t have to be a 3 down ILB next to Washington but could improve the Cards lax rush defense.

Rey Maualuga
As of right now he is a free agent and with Burfict stepping in and outplaying him, like no one thought he would, Maualuga could be the LB for the Cards to stop the run. He isn’t the best in pass coverage, but that’s what D-Wash is for right?

Michael Boley
Boley was the star LB for the falcons before he ended up as a Giant in New York City. What does he have left? Who knows, but could offer a stop gap solution.

Outside Linebackers

Keith Rivers
Rivers was also was a Bengal from Cincy before ending up in New York as well. He has speed and hits hard. Could be depth or compete for a starting OLB or ILB job.

Manny Lawson
Once played for the 49ers, Lawson brings a lot of speed to the position of being an OLB. He has been less than stellar in Cincinnati, so who knows if he hits the free market or not, however as of right now, he is available.

Aaron Curry
Once a Seattle Seahawk then got traded away to become an Oakland Raider, Curry has always been in a 4-3 LB’ing scheme. He’s young and maybe if introduced and brought in solely to rush the passer, if Groves is lost, he might make up for the lack of depth

Offensive Line

Jake Long
Was a solid starting tackle in Miami, but struggled a bit when they tried changing to a zone blocking scheme, which Bruce Arians might want to run. Was it because he was playing injured? Or was it due to the fact that he isn’t athletic enough anymore to run that type of blocking scheme? Is he even worth the money he wants?

Doug Legursky
Pittsburgh Steeler made his first start when he was in the Superbowl against the Green Bay Packers a couple years ago, only 26, has made starts at both OG and C for the Steelers. He also helped Rashard Mendenhall run for a career high 121 yards and a TD as well.


This is a pretty turbulent issue at the moment for Cardinal fans. Some want Kolb back, some want him gone. Others want us to draft a QB in the first round of the draft and others aren’t hopping on that train just yet. So, with Hoyer more than likely coming back unless a team gives up a second round pick for him, then that doesn’t leave much room for the QB to be addressed during this period and there aren’t many quality contenders other than a few.

Drew Stanton
BA’s backup to Andrew Luck in Indy, already knows his offense

David Garrard
Released by the Jags before the start of last year, hasn’t played in a whole season, however was better than a lot of people gave him credit for. Could be worth a shot.

Rex Grossman
Sexy Rexy at it again, eh? With Kirk Cousins solidifying the backup QB position, Grossman is the odd man out, will they re-sign him? Who knows, however, could he be worse than Skelton or Lindley?

Running Backs

Rashard Mendenhall
Probably the top back available in free agency.

Shonn Greene
Jets are making a lot of cuts aren’t they? Greene has proved he can run for yardage even with no passing game helping him out. With the right OL he could redefine the Cards run game.

Felix Jones
Played second fiddle to Darren McFadden at Arkansas and never lived up to his draft status with the Cowboys. However, he still is explosive when given the chance to be when injuries aren’t holding him back.

Ahmad Bradshaw
Released by the Giants due to contract breakdowns. Coming off a down year, another back that might be good for the Cards if obtainable at the right price.

Strong Safety

Patrick Chung
If not re-signed by the Patriots, he could be an upgrade over Rashad Johnson, he has played pretty well in New England.

La’Ron Landry

A-Dub lite. A fast, very hard hitting safety released by the Jets in a cap cutting move. Doesn’t have the

leadership that Wilson had but could be a quick stop gap solution

Kenny Philips
If Phillips hits the free agency market he will be one of the top players available. He has played excellent for the Giants and could be a huge upgrade at the position.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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