Top 10 Players In The 2013 Draft

Top 10 Players In The 2012 Draft

1. Guard Chance Warmack

2. Quarterback Matt Barkley

3. Quarterback Geno Smith

4. Wide Receiver Tavon Austin

5. Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu

6. Defensive End Enzeki Ansah

7. Running Back Christine Michaels

8. Outside Linebacker Jarvis Jones

9. Inside Linebacker Mantei Teo

10. Tackle Terron Armstead

I know what you were saying to yourself when you read this list; “Cmcinaz has lost his freakin mind !” Well, that is not so. I have a very good reason for each of these players being top 10 in the 2013 draft class. That’s reason is I am not just a Cardinal fan; I am a football fan. This is my top 10 players in this year’s draft class that I am really looking forward to watching play on Sunday’s for various reasons:

Chance Warmack. I am looking forward to seeing if the best guard prospect in year’s can go out and prove that he is the best player in this draft as some have touted. I want to see this guy playing that physical style of football and watch him dominate NFL level opponents as he did in the SEC.

Matt Barkley. My personal favorite quarterback in this draft who I think will be very good if not elite quarterback in the NFL. Barkley is the subject of many people’s objections and a guy that really took some damage to his stock and shoulder with a senior that fell short of expectations.

Geno Smith. The majority think he is the most talented QB prospect and likely to be the first QB taken. I’m very interested to see how his game from WVU translates to the NFL and if he can live up to the hype.

Tavon Austin. This is a kid who is maybe more dynamic than Percey Harvin if he can continue to produce as he did on the college level. The question is will his game more closely relate to the aforementioned Harvin or a Dexter McCluster. I personally think he will be the most dynamic offensive player to come out of this draft.

Tyrann Mathieu. This kid was a ball hawking menace and turnover machine at LSU. Having gone thru legal issues and missing out on his senior season; he has now befriended Patrick Peterson and Deon Sanders to help him get his game and life back on track. I’m very interested to see if he can make the same level of impact in the NFL as he did in college.

Enzeki Ansah. A track star turned football player. With less than a few years on his football resume; his ignorant bliss and dominating athleticism is undeniable. A reported senior bowl week of practice that was subpar followed by a blistering performance in the game highlights is natural instincts and athleticism. The perfect piece of clay for coaches to mold; it will be fun to watch his impact on Sundays.

Christine Michaels. This guy really flashes Star Player when it comes to his physical makeup and average Joe when it comes to his mental makeup. It will be fun to watch if he can raise is mental makeup to match his physical. He will be a dynamic player on Sundays if so.

Jarvis Jones. He is the epitome of adversity who shined in the SEC. A sack master who was turned away from USC with spinal concerns only to dominate in the toughest college football conference at Georgia. He is a guy who is too small and too slow when it comes to the measurable’s. There is no question though that he has enough heart and has the potential to come from behind and be the best player out of the 2013 draft class.

Mantei Teo. Mantei is a Heisman trophy finalist and led his team to the national championship but his stock as plummeted since being ranked in the top 10. Getting dominated in the national championship time, the catfishing, and the slow 40 times have all pushed him to the end of the 1st round or maybe even a slip into the 2nd or 3rd. You have to admire the class at which he handled the situations though; he handled them like a Pro. It will be interesting to see how his game translates on Sundays.

Terron Armstead. It’s a reach that he will play significantly in year 1, but this guy is from a small school and maybe the most athletic of all of the tackles in this draft. Somebody is either going to get a major steal or minor bust with this guy. He has the athleticism but does he have the rest to be the best tackle in the 2013 draft when we are at the end of the 2013 season and the dust settles.

Those are the players, with or not with the Cardinals, I am looking forward to seeing develop and impact this upcoming season. My ultimate desire would be to see a Tyrann Mathieu Vs. Percey Harvin and Tavon Austin matchup in the NFC West. What players get you excited to watch the upcoming season ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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