my 7 round mock draft,(properly organized & edited this time.)

ROUND#1. Eric Fisher/Lane Johnson/Chance Warmack.
Fisher may not be available by the time the cards pick @ #7,& the chargers or dolphins may trade-up w/us,or in front of us.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Dion Jordan 5.Bjoern Werner 6.Jarvis Jones.

ROUND#2. Sam Montgomery/Larry Warford/Tyler Eifert. Getting a good pass rusher in this spot would be a good choice,however-if they really wanted to blast the o-line,Warford would be a great addition,last season the colts chose a TE in this spot,so BA may do so again.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Kyle Long 5.Kevin Minter 6.Jonathan Cooper 7.DaMontre Moore.

ROUND#3. Zac Dysert/Tyler Wilson/Terron Armstead. After the signing of Carson Palmer,Drew Stanton & Brian Hoyer drafting a qb from this weak draft class doesnt seem necessary,but the q-ball bros may wish to begin implimenting the"one a year"program to ensure we dont have anymore issues @ this position for awhile.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Johnathan Franklin 5.LeVeon Bell 6.Andre Ellington.

ROUND#4. Jawan Jamison/christine Michael/Mike Gillislee. I like Rashard Mendenhall & Ryan Williams but I dont know if they will be healthy enough to last a full season,the only thing that will sink us faster than qb issues,is running back issues,so getting a good durable back in this spot would go a long way to helping us to cease being a 32nd ranked laughing stock.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Travis Kelce 5.Zac Stacy 6.Tavarres King.

ROUND#5. Kiko Alonso/Jonathan Bostic/Kevin Reddick. W/the 4 game suspension of D-Wash,picking a good ILB in this spot would help the defense to stay somewhat stable until his return.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Brian Schwenke 5.Tony Jefferson 6.Jonathan Cyprien.

ROUND#6. David Bass/Sanders Comming/Adrian Bushell. Sanders Commings is ranked as a 2nd to 3rd rounder in some mocks & a 5th or 6th in others,if he's not available here Rontez Miles or Zeke Motta may be worth a look.

ROUND#7. Sean Renfree/Colin Klein/Jordan Rodgers. If no qb chosen in earlier rounds,a few have potential in this spot,a trade of Brian Hoyer may happen @ some point during the draft & Ryan Lindley as #3 does'nt inspire,so getting a 3rd option here going foreward wouldnt be a bad move,if hoyer isnt traded,then go w/BPA instead.(other potentials in this spot,)4.Brad Sorenson 5.Nick Florence 6.the 6'6" 260lb. guy from Canada,(is he real or not?)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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