Tight Ends Comparisons in the 2013 draft

I'm going to see how this looks as a post. All my info is in spreadsheets so it's a bit of a task to transfer it to a text document. I wanted to look at depth at each position and how it relates to draft options. Although this draft doesn't offer a strong QB draft class, it is a draft long on talent in WR, CB and OL. Of course many pro and amateur scouts will rank players very differently. I used the following sites; DraftTek for the overall ranking as shown on the first column on the left of the chart and Draft Ace, National Football Post and Couch Scout for the individual grades. Drafttek was chosen because they have a 7 round draft so they must rank everyone. DraftAce, National Football Post and Couch Scout were selected because they assign a numerical value to each player rather than just rank them one thru ten.

The overall ranking refers to that players numerical rank in the draft pool, so Tyler Eifert is considered the 21st best player in the 2013 NFL draft. The drop off between Eifert and the next best possible draftee is in the next "column". So Ertz is ranked 16 players behind Eifert. (half a round!) So we expect Eifert to go in the middle of the first round and Ertz to be selected in the early part of the second round. Often as in this case there is a big drop off after the top two or three players. Reed is expected by Drafttek to be selected in the third and Kelce and McDonald in the fourth It's likely that all these players will be drafted and those not listed will be free agents.

This is a strong Tight End class.

  • Name Overall Ranking Rating DraftAce NFPost Couch
  • Tyler Eifert 21st --- 9 7.9 486
  • Zach Ertz 37th 16 65 8.0 420
  • Jordan Reed 73rd 37 69 6.2 411
  • Travis Kelce 85th 12 80 5.6 422
  • V. McDonald 102nd 17 70 7.9 422
  • G. Escobar 112th 10 79 6.2 403
  • J. Faruia 118th 6 64 5.9 443
  • Chris Gragg 127th 9 62 5.4 406
  • Don Sims 179th 52 68 6.0 404
  • Nick Kasa 283rd 104 54 5.4 433

Within each ranking there is an implied system of vision of the systems. Many watch film of the player running routes and breaking tackles, but pay little attention to blocking and finishing,

Note the different assessments of Walter Football and National Football Post on Dion Sims of Michigan St.

Walter Football

4/13/13: Sims weighed in much lighter than expected at the Combine. He had a solid 40 time and did fine in the field work. Sims is still more of a blocking tight end.
Sims is a big-bodied tight end who is a good run-blocker with some receiving ability. The junior was the Spartans' leading receiver this year before missing three games in October with an ankle injury. He totaled 36 receptions for 475 yards and two touchdowns in 2012.

National Football Post

WEAKNESSES - Sims without question frustrates with his lack of intensity and aggressiveness. For a TE with his size and natural strength, Sims is a below average blocker due to a lack of consistent effort. He often gets upright at the snap on run blocks and does not aggressively go get man. Rather he ends up just trying to get in the way as a blocker and is not consistently effective. For such a smooth athlete with good playing speed, Sims lack of explosiveness off the ball hinders his ability to get off the ball fast or get separation down the seam. Much more of a smooth route runner, Sims lacks a burst out of his cuts to get separation from NFL linebackers in man coverage.

This is why I listed the different numbered rankings, consider Nick Kasa, he is the 4th best TE According to Couch Scout and the 11th according to NFL Draft Blitz. It is not easy to understand which aspects of a players game will transfer to the NFL However we can thin the herd by considering the type of TE the Cardinals have and the style of play they would be seeking from a young talent.

The Cardinals have a speed Tight End, it only makes sense that they would seek a player who demonstrated significant blocking skills. We can eliminate Vance McDonald, Escobar, Reed and Fauria. because their skill set is a bit too similar to what Housler brings. We are left with Zackj Ertz in the 2nd Round, Travis Kelce in the 3rd, Chris Gragg or Sims in the 5th, Gragg was the fastest at the combine running a 4.5 40 yard dash. Or Nick Kasa in the 6th round

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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