Final mock draft before the draft

So, I've changed my mind on my mock drafts like 60 billion times, so I decided that this will be my final mock draft and we will see how it turns out from there. I will have three players each round that I think, if available, we should pick. They are in order of importance. This draft is, of course, barring a trade with the Dolphins which would be a dream scenario if we could get and extra second or third from them.

1. Eric Fisher/ Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper/ Dion Jordan

- Ok, fine four people in the first but I really think that it is a tossup between Warmack or Cooper. Since, Fisher definitely won't be there and Lane Johnson is the next Jason Smith, Warmack or Cooper is the choice for me. Replace that bum Snyder. I don't know who will be better, so getting either Warmack or Cooper would be great in my opinion. Cooper can even play center so tough choice. Then, Dion Jordan is the backup choice.

2. Kevin Minter/ Eric Reid/ Larry Warford

- Kevin Minter is an outstanding linebacker and would terrorize the teams that we face. However, he probably will be drafted before the second round. Eric Reid will probably be there and we need to get a safety so he is my pick unless there is a better safety on the board. If Reid isn't there, get the next best safety or, if you think you can get one in the third round, draft........ Larry Warford. Warmack and Warford is unlikely to happen but just think for a second about having to stud guard and actually having a running game! Ahhhhhhh. Now back to the real world. If we get Fisher/Johnson/ Pass rusher in the first, then we need to grab Warford. I would say that guard is our biggest need position and Warford would not be a reach.

3. Bacarri Rambo/ Kyle Long/ Tyrann Mathieu

- Reid and Rambo? Ya, I did it. Rambo. Just think about it. "Rambo has sacked Colin Kaepernick!" Sounds good huh? Seriously though, we basically decided to demolish our safety core this year so we need to rebuild it by getting Reid and Rambo. If we don't want to draft two safeties though, grab Kyle Long. He could play tackle or guard for us in the future, though he might need to gain some weight to play guard. He will be a steal. I though about Barret Jones here, and he would be good too, but I decided that the offspring of Howie Long must be good. Finally, our favorite pothead. I think PP21 would help him mature and Tyrann would make our CB group the best in the WORLD!!!! Ok, maybe overdid it, but definitely top 5.

4. Dallas Thomas/ Chase Thomas/ Marcus Lattimore

-Thomas is severely underrated and could be a future star OL for us. Chase Thomas is a solid linebacker who will be able to replace Schofield. Lattimore is an athletic freak, and though he may not fall this far, I think he could be a solid RB.

5. AJ Klein/ BPA / BPA

6. Jake Stoneburner/ BPA / BPA


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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