Again a mock draft (8 rounds)

This mock draft will include 2 trades and some thoughts on probable Undrafted rookies. It feels like I change my opinion every day, but we are one week away from the draft so I will post this one and one the day before the draft.

Let it begin!

1.Barkevious Mingo at 12!, DE/OLB, LSU

We first made a trade with the Jets, who wanted Geno not be picked by the Bills, so they gave us there 3rd round (72) and 6th round (178) pick, luckily Dee Milliner was also still on the board and the Dolphins were scared that the Browns would take him - the Browns made a trade with the Chargers. So however the Dolphins got the 9th pick and we got the 12th pick plus there 2nd(54) and 3rd(82). The Dolpins have a dozen of selections so it doesn´t really hurt them and they got the best corner in the draft.

Mingo is my favourite pass rusher in this draft behind Dion Jordan, but Jordan will be selected by the Jags. Mingo should make our Defense very good and should better scare QB´s.

2. Reid Fragel, OT,Ohio State

You might say that this is too high for him, but I trust this guy and I think he will be a very good tackle in this league.

Terron Armstead or Larry Warford were my picks here before, but I see Armstead going in the late first now and I´m not sold on Warford anymore.

2b. Dallas Thomas, OG/OT

I really begin to like this kid, he spent his Sophomore and Junior seasons at LT, before moving to guard in his senior season. He is a better guard prospect in this league and will be a huge upgrade over Adam Snyder, but if there are injury concerns at tackle he could jump in and do his job there.

3. Kevin Reddick, ILB, North Carolina

In my humble opinion one of the best ILB´s in the draft, will be a week 1 starter together with Brinkley and could easily be ILB # 2 when D-Wash returns.

3b. Tyrann Mathieu, CB,LSU

We need to draft the Honey Badger if we get extra picks and if he is available here, he would make our corner group the best in the league and PP will teach him. I trust him!

3c. Bacarri Rambo,SS,Georgia

We are in dire need of a good safety, and here he is! He is underrated and really could be a starter and hey this name Rambo makes this pick even better! There may be some concerns about his drug abuse, but he will have a good mentor in Yeremiah Bell and maybe Kerry Rhodes (who knows?).

4. Quanterus Smith,DE,Western Kentucky

If available a no brainer, he would push Darnell and should be a cornerstone of our Defense for the next years as Darnell doesn´t get younger. If not available I would select somebody like John Simon, DE, Ohio State

5. Jawan Jamison,RB,Rutgers

If you look at Jamison you see Ray Rice and if you can get Ray Rice in the 5th you take him! If not available I would take Ray Graham,RB,Pittsburgh or Miguel Maysonet,RB,Stony Brook. 5th round is RB round.

6. Jake Stoneburner,TE,Ohio State

Good pass catcher and blocker. Did not get many options to prove himself at Ohio St. but I think he can be productive at the next level, he and Rob Housler would be a good looking TE duo. Other options Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn,Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford or Kyle Juszczyk, FB,TE from Harvard.

6b.Ty Powell, DE, LB,S

The positions he can play on defense say everything! He fits good in a 3-4 as a LB so there are plenty of options to use him. Other options: Zeke Motta, SS,Notre Dame or Sio Moore, OLB,UConn.

7. Keeland Johnson,SS,Arizona State

I go with the local product here, he would be an good addition to our safety group and would provide some quality depth at the position.

Round 8 - Undrafted rookies

It is important to get the best players not drafted, you can get some rough diamonds. It doesn´t matter which position they play, just take them if they are good.

I have 12 players listed who we should target if they are going undrafted.

- Mike Catapano, DE/LB Princeton, could be a heck of a steal if we get him. Ivy League Defensive player of the year.

- Ryan Griffin, QB,Tulane, Could be a camp body, practice squad player or even our third QB, depends on wether we can shop Hoyer or not, but maybe we go with 4 QB´s into the season. This kid can do something in this league, but should be a backup in his first 2 years, Carson, and the QB coaches could make wonders with him as there student. Imagine an undrafted rookie to be a Franchise QB, as long as he is not named Tony Romo...

- Demetrius Harris, TE, Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Did play Basketball in college, but returned to Football. The fact that he played football last time at High School makes it hard for him to be on the final roster, but he is worth a practice squad place. He will need time but one day he might be a capable NFL TE.

- Ryan Jensen, OT, Colorado State - Pueblo, Small school guy could be a steal, especially with our O-Line situation. Strong and athletic player who has great work ethic.

- Don Jones,S,Arkansas State, He is fast, very fast for a safety, could also be a corner. To much worth to be on the practice squad in my opinion.

-Zachary Ramirez, K,Portland State, We all love Feely and he will be our guy this year but this kid is special, he reminds experts of Greg Zuerlein and we should bring him into camp to look what he can do and maybe we could sign him next year or if Jay gets hurt or plays bed , but that seems really unlikely as he is one of the elite kickers in the league.

- Rex Burkhead,RB,Nebraska, best character and the most underrated player in this draft. Good Hands, hard to tackle and great work ethic. I just love this guy! He has to be on the roster if invited to the camp.

- Taimi Tutogi, FB, (TE), Arizona, There is no real chance for him to make the roster but he should be invited to the camp as the new regime needs somebody like Reagan some hawaiian island was for Whiz and Graves a FB who they can call if Sherman gets hurt.

Jamal Miles,WR,Arizona State, If this local product goes undrafted he should be one of the first players called. One word STEAL!

- Cameron Marshall,RB,Arizona State, Same as with Miles, but it could be a bit harder for him to make the roster. Practice squad should be possible.

- Philip Lutzenkirchen,TE,Auburn, I actually had him as one of my option picks in the sixth, but if going undrafted he is worth a call, he had some injury concerns but he is the all time TE TD reception leader at Auburn and a huge red zone threat.

- Lawrence, Okoye, DE, British Olympian, I just jump on the bandwagon here, this guy never played football, and is not worth a draft pick, unless you are the 49ers. He is the definiton of a project but could turn out to something very good.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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