"Anybody Can play between the 20's" - BA

I'd say the same is true about the draft. Anybody can make their scheduled picks. For the Cards this year; they will need to be good in the Red Zone of the draft ( the UDFA market). With Seattle, SF and the Rams having more picks to work with; it is especially important for the Cards to make some hay in the UDFA market. Read on for players and positions ranked outside the Top 225 who the Cards should be looking at as UDFA's

With the presumed addition of Carson Palmer; the Cardinals should not need to use a DP this year on a QB. If one such as the player below becomes available after the draft; the Cards may consider a young QB that can be put on the practice squad especially since Lindley is not eligable and is of questionable talent.

Sean Renfree Duke 6'3" 219 QB

Safety is an area of weakness where the Cardinals may look to strengthen. With both Rhodes and Wilson gone and the unknown that exists with Rashard as a 1st time starter as well as Bell's age; it will be a good idea. The Cards may find room in the draft and use one of the seven picks on a Safetey yet there are plenty of potential candidates outside the top 225 that they may get a look at.

Zeke Motta Notre Dame 6'2" 213 S

Jordan Kovacs Michingan 5'11" 205 S

Duke Williams Nevada 6'0" 190 S

Keelan Johnson ASU 6'0" 210 S

Tight end is an area of serious need; not talked about much. BA's offense is especially dependent on two TE sets and I wouldn't be too surprised to see us pick one, even as high as 38th overall. A single added TE may not be enough though. There may be an opportunity to bring in a couple of potential UFDA's to help fill the void.

Mychal Rivera Tennessee 6'3" 242 TE

Zach Sudfeld Nevada 6'6" 255 TE

When you look at the running back depth in this class; it's no wonder why the Cards have been unwilling to shell out the dough to bring the Hyphen back assuming a healthy Mendenhall and Williams. If a talented running back slips far in this draft; the Cards may take a shot in rounds 4 plus area. If not, there may be some potential options in the UDFA market.

Onterio McCalebb Auburn 5'10" 168 RB

Zac Stacy Vanderbilt 5'8" 216 RB

Rex Burkhead Nebraska 5'10" 214 RB

Robbie Rouse Fresno St 5'6" 190 RB

Theo Riddick Notre Dame 5'10" 201 RB

Spencer Ware LSU 5'10" 228 RB

I know everyone thinks the Cards Oline is fine as it stands today. Awake now ? Even with spending one or two DP's on the Oline, there may still be some opportunity in the UDFA market. Plenty of good NFL offensive lineman have come from the UDFA class and here is a couple that may be available.

Omoregie Uzzi Georgia Tech 6'3" 305 OG

Braxston Cave Notre Dame 6'3" 303 OC

The Cards have a strong receiving core. Spending a draftpick on a WR is highly unlikeley, but they may want to survey the UDFA market which might be slim. Building some depth at the position with Doucet gone is allways a plus.

Dan Buckner Arizona 6'3" 220 WRP

Finally an opportunity to get younger in the special teams group where all three of the Cards main special teams players are getting a little long in the tooth. Here are a few players outside the top 225 that may be available.

Quinn Sharp Oklahoma State 6'1" 190 P

Caleb Sturgis Florida 5'10" 185 PK

Please be sure to add your comments on players and positions recommended above or other suggested players you may have.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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