Final mock draft thoughts and fun!

With so many people putting out their final mock drafts and the league being on the precipice of draft weekend, I decided to channel my excitement into a final mock draft of my own. I tried to factor in BPA around the spot (very tricky/subjective once you get to rounds 5-7), the player being able to contribute right away, and positions that could likely be addressed. Let's cut to the chase and take a look!

1.7) Chance Warmack/Jonathan Cooper, OG - Couldn't decide; I'd be thrilled with either.

2.38) Kevin Minter, ILB

3.69) Corey Lemonier, OLB

4.103) J.J. Wilcox, S

5.140) Mike Gillislee, RB

6.174) Luke Marquardt, OT - The only true developmental pick I have. Immense upside and physical tools for a future LT. 1 of 2 guys (P Jeff Locke being the other) I'll be rooting for no matter where they go.

7.219) Nick Kasa, TE - Any decent-blocking TE or BPA really.

Now that's a draft I'd be extremely happy with! I trust the FO more than I trust myself on this though, so whoever they end up selecting I will be happy with and supportive of.

The only two positions I feel that the Cardinals are unlikely to address in the draft are D-Line, CB, and possibly WR simply for the fact of depth and general talent at the position. If there is a tie or close number for BPA at a pick, I feel like these facts will cause other positions to get the tiebreaker. At the D-Line you've got Dockett, Williams, and Campbell starting, with solid depth in Ruckers, Shaughnessy, Carter, Talley, and Lumpkin. Lotulelei is the wildcard though. At CB there's PP, Cason and Powers, plus Flemming, McCann, and now Bethel. And you all know about our awesome receiving corp already. Arians mentioned wanting a burner, but if they are feeling confident about Cribbs and his recovery then they may look to other positions.

Quarterback is a toss-up. I hope they wait until next year's draft to find one since we've added Palmer and Stanton and have Hoyer or even Lindley (...poor Lindley...) as our developmental guys. But I know Keim mention the philosophy of picking up a QB each draft to either develop and play or develop and trade. Unless they think someone in this draft falls to BPA and could beat out the latter two for a roster spot (or manage to pull off an unlikely trade with Hoyer), I have my doubts about them taking a QB.

For all I know, I could be completely wrong on all of this. Regardless, it will certainly be fun to find out which 7 new rookies will be joining Big Red this weekend (barring trade shenanigans) and looking back to see if anyone guessed a pick or two right or if we all ended up looking like fools! Thanks for reading and have a marvelous draft week!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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