Bidwell Is No Longer a Four Letter Word

It's been an exciting offseason for the Arizona Cardinals and it all starts with the affectionately dubbed Lil' B. Dismissal of the previous coaching staff and GM, hiring of a new coaching staff and GM, cuts of big money investments like Kolb and Snyder, cuts of fan favorites like Wilson and Rhodes, a round of mercenary hirings, a 9 player draft, a totally revamped QB position, a 4 million dollar practice bubble and eventually a training camp move all round out the excitement that has occurred in just 3 short months.

I recall the Bidwell bashing comments that plagued the air and wire ways of the interweb ( gas monkey ). Well those have seemed to disappeared for the time being, hopefully never to return. Now credit must be given where credit is due.

Lil'B, more than anyone else in the organization, has begun to cut his own path and lay the foundation for long term organizational success. There is supreme evidence of this, not only by the changes that have been made but, thru the attitude of the acquired players; 100% of which thanked Lil'B, Keim and BA "for giving them an opportunity to be part of a great organization". Even our own Dansby, bringing the swag back to the AZ, has professed the amount of change that has occurred in the last 4 years since he left.

5 years ago, we all seen this Cardinals team rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and make a Superbowl run. After the last 3 years of piss poor football, it seems that it was just blind luck where the organization stumbled into a pot of gold which included a fantastic draft class by Denny Green, a curiously odd but motivating offensive coordinator in Todd Hailey, the surprising resurrection of a future hall of fame QB in Kurt Warner and an even keeled stabilizing HC in Ken Whizenhunt. That rise from the ashes, luck as it was, captured the fans and ownerships taste and the hunger for winning.

I, for one, admire that Lil' B along with Steve Keim did not lose that taste regardless of how many times they got their hands slapped reaching for the bowl the last 3 years. Upon the firing of Whiz and the hiring of Keim, it was explicitly stated that this organization will not stand for losing and is prepared to win at any cost ( this is something I can get behind ). This is a giant step out of the doldrums that the club had been in for years and years.

Now Lil'B and Keim have come out like caged animals this offseason and seem to have developed a fluid and winning relationship with their new HC, 2012-2013 Coach of The year Bruce Arians. These three gentlemen have not only talked a big game but have played a big game this offseason with their successes in FA and in the draft. I expect nothing different when the lights shine upon the talented squad they have put together. There is no reason for me to believe at this point, things will be any different between the white lines on Sundays.

My personal thanks to Lil'B, Keim and BA for making this fan proud to be a Cardinals Fan this offseason. My personal request is to continue the upward rise of the Phoenix like two birds in formation and this time, don't come back to ground.

Are these changes enough to win now ? Should we be dissappointed if they don't win now ? Is this organization prepared to have sustained success and rival other organizations that are historically known as winning organizations ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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