So here is our team boys... Feel the excitement.....

So we basically at this point can see our team or everyone that is going to be on this time from here on out. We may still get some changes but at this point in time this is going to be our team. I for one an excited to see where this team is headed. I am going to talk positive about this team and see what i see. You guys can yell at me in the comments.

Improvements (offensive):

Its hard to take a look at this team and find a spot where we didn't improve in the off season. QB... Carson Palmer is a better QB than we had last year with all 4 of them put together. OL... with Bobbie Massie improvement, Levi Brown coming back (never knew you could miss a bust so much did you), and drafting Cooper our line is going to be much improved, also i think moving to zone blocking is going to make our running game better, speaking of that.... RB.... We have 4 running back that can come in and start I believe from the word go... Its going to be a great battle to watch in camp.

Improvements (Defensive):

Not huge changes here but DL... We are going to actually let CC and 90 pass rush... thats an improvement in itself. not sure if Dan Williams or Carter is going to be the better of the two NT this coming season we will see what the scheme allows for. LB... Not huge changes to OLB we did bring in some nice players but im not sure if we got that pure pass rusher we wanted or at least anyone better than O'Schofield, MLB brings in Karlos Dansby, Kevin Minter and loses Daryl Washington for a while (gonna go with half a season but im just guessing, .... Secondary... Well here it is, Johnson back, and so is PP but other than that who the hell knows who going to start for us here. So many pieces to choose so im sure we are going to get good players to start for us.

Improvements (Coaches):

Almost every single position got better coaches than we had previously. Strength and Conditioning coach John Lott (i believe the only hold over) is widely considered the one of the best coaches in the NFL so its no surprise that the team wants him to remain. Tom Moore is a legend as far as im concerned, and BA (remember when that was a cuss word LOL) was able to fill out his coaches nicely even bringing back Stump Mitchell who i am very sad to say i never got to watch run.

A lot of people are writing off the cardinals this season. Maybe we should.. Seattle and SF will be really good, St. Louis is a much, much better team (thanks a lot Washington, you suck for that) and there is us. I say the cardinals have a couple of things going for them.

1) The toughest part of the schedule is at home and the cardinals are much, much better at home over the last 5 years going 24-16 at home. If we can somehow (don't care which ones) win 6 of our 8 games at home we will be going to the playoffs.

2) Sophomore QB's. Not ours mind you but most if not all QB's after early success have sophomore slumps. It will be interesting to see how far Kappa and Wilson fall after great success last year. Now that we have had an entire off season to watch film and game plan they will not be as effective

3) The unknown... as of right now no body knows what BA and Todd Bowles is going to run so planning for our team is going to be much harder in the early part of the season. Which is good because 3 out of our first 4 are on the road.

Either way wither we wind 6 games or 11 i am going to have fun watching this team this year. Excitement is in the air again boys (and maybe a girl somewhere... just one though) and I cant wait for Training camp.... where ever that may be.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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