Taking a look at the good and the bad.....

The Arizona Cardinals Draft is over and now we wait until July. Yes there is OTA's, mini camps, and other crap but lets be honest their isn't much to talk about over the coming few months. With that being said i wanted to take a look at the Good and the Bad of last couple of months since the firing of Ken Wizenhunt and Rod Graves.


Front Office - You made a quick firm choice on firing Ken and Rod. You fired someone who has been with the team for over ten years in Rod Graves which had to be a difficult decision. You fired Ken Wizenhunt that was the coach that took the Friggen Arizona cardinals to the Super Bowl (with help from Kurt Warner). You took the time to interview for replacements for both positions and, In this writers eyes, made excellent choices for both positions which as previous teams here in the valley have shown isn't the easiest thing to do (See Wally Backman, wayne gretzky, what ever the hell happened with the suns last year).

Steve Keim: So this is just my opinion but he has done a wonderful job. His draft was great. He took quality talent and turned seven picks into 9 players and filled huge needs. He took all of the mistakes from the last regime(Adam Snyder, Kevin Kolb, etc) and was able to make the tough decisions that were needed to be made (Adrian Wilson). He got an upgrade from any QB on our roster from last year for a sixth round pick which in trades is equal to trading Babe Ruth for a pack of chewing gum.

Offensive Line- How can you not count this as good. Nate Potter is at minimum a good backup, Levi Brown is better than anything we had last year. Coolidge is solid, not great, not poor. Lyle Sendline fits our zone blocking 10 times better than what they were making him do last year. Cooper is instantly the second best linemen on this team replacing what amounted to a turnstile, and Bobbie Massie keeps improving he may be a pro bowler next to Cooper.


Daryl Washington- So what the hell are you doing buddy. You get a big contract and think you can start doping up and beating women... get it together or for all i care the team can release you.

Adam Snyder- Part of me really wanted Adam Snyder to work. I never thought he should of been a permanent solution at the position and thought he would be a valuable asset to the team just because he can back up anywhere on the line. 17 million over 5 years was way over priced but i think Ken felt pressure to "improve" the line and this was his way of doing that. Goes to show you he is now back in SF as a backup for 1.5 million a year. oh well he has his 5 million dollars from a signing bonus that still counts to our cap....

Training Camp- Come on Cardinals, you are going to have training camp in Glendale. You are taking away the time honored trip with my son up to get away from the heat and my job for one friggen weekend a year. I am not sure why you are doing it, I don't really know if you even need to do it. I don't care the players don't like it, I as a fan want the tradition that my father took me on, that i was finally going to have a son be old enough to take him on. Flagstaff was the best experience in the NFL for training camp. KEEP IT THAT WAY....

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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