6/28 Arizona Cardinals news: Robert Gill runs 25 mph, Cooper is 2016 top 10 lineman


Your daily Cardinals and NFL news

I wonder how many Boston beat writers ended their vacations early for the Hernandez case? Gill runs, more Cardinals fans' optimism and football needs to start back up. I'm suffering from withdrawal.


Video: Cardinals rookie receiver Robert Gill runs 25 MPH - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robert Gill -- at 29 the oldest rookie in the NFL -- runs 25 mph on a treadmill.

Are the Cardinals a Top-15 Team? - Raising Zona
Just how good can the Cardinals possibly be after a 5-11 season?

6 GIFs For Football Hungry Fans
Something to satisfy your football needs.

ESPN: Cardinals guard Cooper to be top-10 lineman in 2016 ArizonaSports.com
Astonishing how people rave about Cooper and in the same breath say picking him in the top 10 was too high.


Russell Wilson: What's in store for Seahawks QB in Year 2? - SBNation.com
Russell Wilson took the NFL by storm in his rookie year. Will his second season be even better, or will the dreaded "sophomore slump" rear its head?

Jamaal Charles excited for Chiefs' use of pistol offense - SBNation.com
The Chiefs were at times a historically bad offense in 2012. Is a new scheme and a new quarterback enough to make them "explosive"? At least one player seems to think so.

Josh Brent back in jail after 2nd failed drug test - SBNation.com
The Cowboys nose tackle, awaiting trial for one count of intoxication manslaughter, is back behind bars after failing a drug test.

The most majestic Tim Tebow t-shirt - SBNation.com

Wow. Just...wow.

NFL Huddle: Reactions to the Aaron Hernandez case - SBNation.com
All Aaron Hernandez, all the time. The news that the now former Patriots tight end was arrested, released from the team and charged with murder in the course of a few hours has dominated the NFL news cycle. See how SB Nation's NFL blogs reacted.

Operation Patch Drop - Big Cat Country
Join Big Cat Country and Bold City Brigade as we give those deployed overseas a taste of home.

NFL news roundup: Aaron Hernandez charged, Vonta Leach's agent likes Dolphins - SBNation.com
Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder, Browns rookie Ausar Walcott was charged with attempted murder and Vonta Leach's agent likes the Miami Dolphins. One of those Wednesday news pieces is not like the other.

Aaron Hernandez murder, gun charges explained - SBNation.com
Aaron Hernandez has been charged with six crimes, including first degree murder. What do the various charges mean?

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